Thursday, April 19, 2007

the Playlist

Not too much to write about today. I spent about an hour this morning looking for my running shoes, frantically. You know that feeling, "Where are they? Where are they???!"
Then I spent about 20 minutes my teva oraibi's. Not so bad.
Paisley Park just came on my playlist. It's one of those songs that takes me back. I remember being 15, playing the paisley park record over and over. Around the World in a Day? I loved that record (yep, mine was vinyl) but Paisley park was one of those songs I loved. I remember sitting on my bed writing in my journal, my heart aching for a pakistani boy named Junaid whose eyes were too pale for his face. (The boy worked at the mall at one of those jewelry huts with his family, you probably have one of those at your mall too.)
We were friends with his family & who knows what became of him, but I played that record & hung Christmas lights around my room, trying to envision it a middle eastern escape.
Wyclef Jean is on now- If I Were President. Love Wyclef! And that just reminds me of how great the Dave Chappelle show was when it was on. (Wyclef sang that song on one episode...)
I think Wy is such a versatile guy. A Million Voices & Two Wrongs are also great songs. I think the Fugee's are due another try- The people are due this energy powerhouse that they would be now. Hill's acoustic 'Water' is one of those songs you listen to and you can literally feel the love pouring from the speakers. With all the bad news of the tv- most recently the Virginia shootings, the world needs some positivity.
If you have such a medium to inspire the generations that truly need inspiring most-
If you have a God given gift, why hold back?
Love is an energy that you should spend freely. You will not run out.
I doubt they will come across my blog, but they could do it for charity. Then I want them to tour with India Arie.
And Ben Harper.
Okay, I may be asking too much.
Will I be asking too much if
I tell you to
Have a sweet, sweet day? & thanks for stopping in :)

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