Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stuff I'm thinking about

I'm thinking about painting a new painting. Something where two officers are looking at an accident with a car in flames, and one says to the other,
"My God! What happened here?"
and the other one says, "I hear she was trying to unwrap a twizzlers when it happened." and then hang a little skeletal arm out the window with a red licorice.
I'm thinking about the French film I watched this morning, L'Auberge Espanole?
I'm thinking about that boy on American Idol, the little one that darts his tongue out like a little lizard and makes me laugh. But I like him, but also I giggle a little and wait for it, then more giggling.
I'm thinking about stupid stuff today. Like Steven throwing the coffee maker out, the one that was a gift from my sister. The water leaked down the counter from it every time it brewed, and it created a coffee full of floaters. Blech, they were reminiscent of when you get flour out and try to make something, then look down and realize the flour had those little flour insects in it and you weren't paying attention.
I'm thinking of how our bathroom still doesn't have a door on it, and how we're ready for the tile downstairs now, we just don't have the funds for it.
I'm thinking about the dog barking and how it's making me crazy. I'm thinking about how I already thawed chicken for supper, but now I don't really want to cook? Perhaps I should throw it to the dog and I could solve two problems at once, hee hee.
I'm thinking how awesome a day it is. Much love, Kat