Thursday, June 14, 2007

Unmade Bed Day

I'm going to be brief because my bed's unmade, and I can't really think about much except that sloppy bed. Probably I should have made the bed first, then blogged?
I was channel surfing and caught the end of Xanadu. I love that movie. Am I insane? I think you had to be an 8 yr old girl to get how great that film was. And here came the part where Olivia Newton John is singing in the middle of all the roller skaters. Nothing dates the 80's quite like that roller skating scene. I still have my little ONJ scrapbook I kept. Seeing the movie made me get out my ONJ cd. (I got everything by her on Vinyl when I was 7-10 years old. Probably melted in my storage building now?)
Was Olivia Newton John the Jessica Simpson or Mandy Moore of my time? Surely not...right? Surely my childhood idol was not the 70's equivalent of Hilary Duff.
Olivia made Grease, for Christs sake! I'd love to hear any feedback on the topic.

I went to the mall this week, and I'm not really a mall going person. I think I may have hit a mall twice this entire year. We live about 35 miles from a mall, so that may have something to do with it...
Bath & BodyWorks was having a sale. My sister bought about $50 worth of lotions and whatnots. The girls tried everything, washed it off at the handy B&BW sink, then would start over. I was planning to walk out of there empty handed, but the candles caught me off guard.
If you can get to a B&BW store, and they still have the Elton John Fireside candles, don't pass them up! Don't!!! I wish now I'd bought the entire stock of them. I walk past the entertainment center and have to pick it up and smell it. Almost instant stress relief, LOL.
As gay as Elton is, you may think he'd have a girlie candle, but it's not the case. The smell reminds me of real fires and clove cigars, smoke and vanilla or ginger or something. The kind of smell that makes you come back. Perhaps I could melt the thing and pour it all over my husband, hee hee...(Um, perhaps not.)
But it smells great. Bravo Sir Elton! If anyone knows men, it's probably you. (I actually love Elton John- everytime I hear Your Song I look over at my Steven, "They're playing our song!" to which he just rolls his eyes. He's a little more of a Dead Kennedy's, Ramones, Danzig or Black Flag sort of guy. Black Sabbath? Somebody called Ozric Tentacles? I don't know. Give him Led Zeppelin, the Allman brothers and he's happy. I did however make a Willie Nelson convert out of him. And Ben Harper too. Elton John may just take a bit longer.)

Also, I almost purchased the Victorias Secret Appletini lotions, but my mother lectured me on my overabundance of product, so I relucted. But I'm going back for it.
What else is new? Naomi is at Performing Arts camp. She's in a play this week, playing Nurse 2. & We've been riding our bikes the past two nights. Today, there's karate, so we'll probably just come back and lounge.
I'm going to the post office to send a query letter regarding my manuscript. Maybe I can push it along a bit. You have to wait til you get one back before you can resend, so if it takes 6 months (the average amount of time) to get it back, then you are only able to send two copies a year. Argh.
Soprano's is over. Hmmm. I guess the most exciting thing about the ending (?) was the idea that all these mob actors might start turning up in other shows. Next thing you know, there'll be Paulie or Phil on My Name is Earl, or better, Lost. Funny!

Sorry about the poem below...I actually did write it about the birds out my window. Started out watching the little love birds pass the worm, and in my mind I heard, "He gave it to his lover, how sweet?" It did end up taking a turn along the way, huh?
Gotta make the bed! Much love to everybody!!! Have a Sweet Day!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Poetry, Anyone?

I wrote this last year when I was entering all those Essay contests.
I lost them all & decided not to enter the Poetry Contest...Here's my 'off' attempt at
becoming 'Poet' Kat Lee.
(Not to be copied without permission from author- thanks!)
He Gave It To His Lover
He gave it to his lover
He gave it freely.
It dangled from her mouth
Hung there dry
As she choked it down
He waited nigh
Eager to pull it back
A chance for tug of war lost
She tirelessly worked it.
He gave it to his lover
One taste of beefy worm
And the shabby brown bird
She worked it down.

Chili Cheese Fries, Corn Dogs, & Guilt...

We almost got rain today. What else? We took the kids to this creek in the mountains so they could refresh their memories of what outside water looked like. They were not feeling too sure about it.
We were going to go to church, but since Steven worked Mon-Sat, getting up at 6 am on Sunday didn't really feel right.
This morning we watched Big Ideas for a Small Planet on the Sundance channel- it was the one on food and organics. An hour later, we were driving thru the Krystals drive thru, ordering chili cheese fries and corn pups. Chili cheese fries and corn pups, with a side of guilt :(
(I sliced some mango & strawberries when I got home! I swear!)
The kids are sleeping. Steven is sitting at the table doing paperwork. Quiet house. I've folded all my laundry, it's totally caught up, even those fitted sheets that don't exactly look folded after I've made my best attempts to fold them...("You are getting sleepy...")

Good nite :)