Friday, June 1, 2012

The other day I was walking in from outside and I got back outside 20 minutes later only to think that I am grateful there are no wild spider monkeys in America.  Because I left the marshmallows out and hot dogs too.  And because mostly, I wish there were wild spider monkeys.  But that day, I was just grateful for what I had...No monkeys.  
I discovered Pinterest, and so I'm cooking all these things I never cooked, and feeling this shared community thing, which is cool, and then I hit the Search, and type in 'Kitchen', and this lady had commented on Every post with a similar comment, "I wish I had this.  One Day..."  OR "I would love to have this!  One day, I guess."  So I kept scrolling, and more and more of this bullcrap, so then I see one, and it's a pic of a lawn with an old mug and an open book.  Same comment. 
And then I just had to comment that if she was not incarcerated, greenspace and a book may not be that elusive of a dream.  I mean, right? 
We got some chickens.  They really rock.  Ha, after I type that, I started thinking about rocks and eggs, and the similarness (and yes, I know I coulda wrote similarities.  I made a choice there).  And the Black Eyed Peas Rock That Body played in my head.  But then they won't rock, they'll egg.  Then I thought about how cool it would be if they laid coffee beans.  Because organic coffee costs more than eggs.
And then how if Henny Penny is a rooster then we may make some soup. 
Happy May to you.  :)