Friday, August 27, 2010

Where've Ya Been? ;)

So, um, I haven't heard from you in awhile.
Isn't that like someone to place blame on someone else for their own misconduct;
I've been out & left you with nothing to come back to.
In my defense, I was physically ill & just not able to maintain a coherent thought..
But I had a moment of clarity,
& something funny happened this morning,
So I thought I'd drop in.

& if you've just dropped in,
Thanks for showing up. :)

So yesterday I had a good feeling about the day.
I felt somewhat light and glad, and that's the normal me,
light & glad, but sometimes it's hard to find her under the odds & ends.
So I'm sitting, and my husband calls me.
Do you want to go test drive a car? he says.
We hadn't really discussed cars in a while, probably because our budget is too tight,
and I just don't randomly think of things like that too much.
But the new school year started, and I'd found myself driving Steven's big truck
because the jeep had no air conditioning, and everything,
groceries and children included, would melt in the Georgia heat.
I'm not complaining about the truck,
I just couldn't park the thing;
Though everybody has said that parking further away from where you're aiming to be
is a healthy habit, so that's okay. But then there was the thing about not having a spot to stick the borrowed European double French horn, & the daily toting of it.
I'd be swapping for my jeep and the truck would go back to Steven,
as soon as Fall brought the weather down.

So I put my cleanest shirt on & some eyeshadow, and Steven came & emptied
the truck. We rode out to a used car lot and decided to test drive a Buick.
The air was cold, and it looked new & clean. All of the sudden, my husband had a spontaneous thought, and we traded the truck in. We just did it. Because why not? We gave our old truck and two thousand dollars, and rode home happy.

Though it did have a couple minor transgressions.
1. The cd player doesn't work. but the car lot guy said he'd fix it on Monday, and we figured that was okay.
2. We're sitting in the back back seat (or what you call the third row) and a roach crawls out from the seat belt hole. Now, my husband has never lived with roaches. Ever. But growing up, I'd lived in many an apartment where the roaches would scatter and scamper across the counters and walls, where they'd leave their crunchy egg sacs and dead kin in the silverware drawer, and where never ever would I invite a schoolmate to my home.
So while he's laughing, I'm recalling days of old, and it's a scary thing. Ah, it's just one bug, he says. But then another crawls out...and when we're looking in the little compartments in the side, yet another. I'm feeling apprehensive, but he tells me it's just a bug & they'll be all dead soon enough if there are any others.
Hmmm. So I picked up my children, first not knowing who I was, then flooding their little faces with joy at our new car. Our New Car (How cool is that? Okay, so it's a 2003 Buick with about 99,500 miles, but to us, we feel cool & lucky).
This morning, the girls were waving at friends in the car rider line. Roll your window down! My oldest says. So they are hanging out, waving, excited and so proud to be in a new car; a drastic difference from the jeep days, where it would die while in the car line, and they'd slink down in their seat.
We're giddy and the car (the New car!) is full of laughter, and then it happened. A giant roach crawled out of the cd player, and we went from saying our hellos to squealing little girl cries,
And my daughter realizes we're screaming 'Roach' & suggests we roll up the windows again.
Which is probably smart.
So with no prior thought, no planning, I ended up with a new car & some Mexican lunch,
which makes for a pretty cool day. Aside from the roaches. & I'm staying away from any labeling of our beauty being referred to as 'Roach-mobile'...Perhaps there's some sort of hidden benefit in it that we're not aware of. Theft deterent? Hmmm.
thanks again for hanging round my blog. i'm grateful.