Tuesday, March 18, 2014


All things come in threes.
Sometimes good things
Sometimes not.

Holy food trilogy
Perfect green
Cilantro avocado lime
Gas station taco rock my world.

Celebrity deaths
They always always
Except sometimes
You gotta look up some sort of barely
To make it work.
That weatherman in Ohio
back in the eighties,
he just died.
Dang, son! 
That make three.

Then I thought
Eyes just come in twos
They piped up on that third eye.
All seeing.
Maybe, I said
To be agreeable.

I’d rather have a taco
Than a celebrity
Unless it your momma
Then I’ll eat some cheetopuffs
And tell you how
with my mind eye
So your momma can live.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Don't Mind the Gap.

Not much is new today but any wisdom I can impart I will try.
That new philly jalapeno cream cheese is very good in scrambled eggs!
I saw a thing on achieving a thigh gap on the aol news.  I've never heard of this before, but here is my take on the thing.  It seems to me that to have your thighs not touch at all, that person would have to have just an extraordinarily wide vagina.  Or like, the sides of the vagina would have to be very big.  And that seems like it would cause another problem, because your underwear would not cover your entire puss, but have the bandy elastic parts across hair, which would be uncomfortable.  While I appreciate when people have genetic mutations (Naomi goes to school with a girl with extra toes- how I would love to have an extra toe!) not an extra camel toe.  I am glad I don't have the genetically mutated extra wide vagina.  Too much drama for me.
I really don't have much else, I just know it's good for me to check in sometimes.
I just finished reading A Year in the Merde.  It was tolerable but not great.