Saturday, February 28, 2009


Really, not much time to talk- I've got The Other Boleyn Sister on TiVo, and since I read the book last year I'm looking forward to Steven & I hanging out with a blanket watching late tv.
Wanted to tell you about this great 'Democratic' discovery I made-

I saw one of these stickers on a car and had to just jump online when I got home and order one for myself. Hopefully, our country will be seeing more and more blue, and I'm glad it's coming to that. Happy.
Have a cool weekend :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Be not disturbed at being misunderstood;
be disturbed rather at not being understanding.
~Chinese proverb

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thai Casserole

Really quicky, my thai casserole recipe!
My 10 year old eats this, so I thought Id write it down...

1 pack of chicken tenders- boil em & cut in little chunks with scissors.
then add 3 cups of water & with 4 chicken boullion cubes
1 bag of pre-shredded carrots
1 pack of precleaned mushrooms
2 bunches green onions- sliced.

stir, then pour in 1 can lite coconut milk &
1 jar of Thai Kitchen brand Green Curry Simmer Sauce.
(you may have to look around for this. Food Lion sells it.)
2 bags of boil in bag brown rice. (I just cut open the little bags & pour in.
You can season it differently if you wish- sometimes I'll add a dash of ginger or curry
or a little sea salt if it needs it. Makes great leftovers!

Have a cool day!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grosser than gross, and then a bit grosser.

Do you remember that game where kids would play "What's grosser than gross?" and you had to come up with a grosser thing about the previous thing that was said? (Am I even remembering correctly?) And perhaps I'm dating myself a little. I guess this was before video games were invented, when kids were bored and actually played with little plastic GI Joes and Barbie. Back in the Mad Lib day, I'm going.
So what is grosser than gross?
Waking up to the sound of my dog vomiting a pile next to my bed. (Okay, this actually happened the other night. Nasty, I know!)
What's grosser than gross?
Umm. Okay, grosser than gross would be someone sticking a dry toothbrush into the pile and brushing their teeth with it. (Blech! Nobody would do that in a million years. I hope. If you would, I don't think I want to know you. No offense, though. But that would make you a scarey person. Or just a person with really bad breath? I don't know. I don't have many friends. I may want to know you; but just maybe not eat at your house. Am I hurting your feelings?)

Moving on?
If that little blog bite above doesn't show you my infinite genius, how bout this one?
So these people come over cause they're buying something we're selling, and my kids are bouncing about the December driveway in barefeet, so I'm yelling at them, but in French, not because I'm fancy or my French is so good, only because my mother yelled at me in French, so it's this habit 'that I say what I heard said' thing. Well, we end up talking about my mother being French, and the man says,
"What do you think of Sarkozy?" & I reply,
"I've never been there."

So by now I should have built up you confidence for the day :).
Run! Run while you can! ( I don't know if that's for you or for me!?)

but I have a kitchen waiting for me.
She's got spilt coffee on her tacky teal tops, and some lentils that went over the pan & onto the stove. She's saying, "Come to me. Come squeeze out the soggy sponge in the sink and scrub me..." I must keep the fridge closed, because if I open it, they will perhaps harmonize. "Clean me with your stinky sponge, make us smell like pine or lemon! Yeah!" the fridge would add in a Barry White voice, "And get that stank old celery out of here, baby! Cause I can't get enough of your love! But I've got too much of Mister Celery's love! Baby!"
I know it already. I've completely lost my mind.
I haven't much desire to get in that kitchen but I think I'm going to have to face it. I'll though a cd in Shan's Hello Kitty cd player and be off now. Natalie Merchant, here I come.

(Thanks for reading me, by the way! You have been so 'Kind & Generous' ~)
I want to thank you, thank you ;) thank you, thank you

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Cat from Hell. then some other stuff.

I have a cat.
You know, the funny thing is, I was angry at the cat this morning, and drove the kids to school, the whole time, thinking, I'm going to blog about how stupid my cat is. But then, you check your email, pick up in the house, and you briefly forget what got you so hot headed. Doncha?
No, only slightly.
I have a cat. I have this black persian cat, well, not black through and through- there is a charcoalish black band around her neck. (Argh, I think if you want to get technical she's something called a black colorpoint persian- which means she had a himalayan parent, so she's black and blacker.) Halle Berry, and she's horrible.
Ms Halle is many things. She's a pooper. She poops right outside her litter box, clean or not. I think she does this out of anger. The litter box is in the basement, but she's got a little door inside the door to come in the house. She almost always stays in the basement though...because,
she's a scaredy cat. Yes, scared of noises. Scared of cars pulling into the driveway. People knocking at the door. She's one of the animals that lurks under things, behind things, and if you come over, you won't see her. You'll never see her, because the basement isn't a good enough hiding place when we have company. She has to go into the basement, then back behind the dryer. She'll stay there until you leave.
Hair. As beautiful as you may think a persian or himalayan cat is, let me implore you- they have some hair issues. Actually, that brings me back to 'She Almost always stays in the basement' -
at night she comes out, and I know this because there are black hairs on the white chair.
My husband is barely allowed on the white chair, and the kids? No way. And I'm looking at my white chair thinking I have to buy one of those sticky lint remover things, and wanting to rattle the cats little neck. This is the least of the hair issues- the basement is now black and fuzzy.
As bad as she is, sometimes I let the kids catch her and dress her up, and I think it's sweet. My girls sticking her in a little doll dress with a lace collar, holding her, saying things like, "Her da little bebe!" Giving her bear hugs, I can see her eyes glance sideways at me, sometimes hear her low indignant warnings. I wink back.
Why do I stay in such an abusive relationship? I know a pet is not a disposable thing to toss if you get exhausted of your duties. I'm bound to this animal for the life of her, though she brings me no joy. Okay, you could count the times her food bowl empties, she does rub across my leg; but once it's full, she eats, hops on a high shelf and I see only her eyes glowing orange from backs of boxes.
I believe the cat will move outside in the spring, perhaps I'll buy her a little dog house and put it on the front porch. I think watching birds may loosen her up a bit. I've tried to set her outside before and she scratched like a mad woman at the door, catter-wailing 'Let Me In, you hear?!'
(I can hear you animal cruelty folks now. Three years from now you may stumble across this insignificant blog. Don't email me about it.)
Okay, I think I got my venting out of the way.
Moving on!
Steven put a spoonful of Turmeric in his eggs this morning.
I discovered something brilliant at the grocery store, Kettle Thai chips. And I don't even eat chips. Ever. But I'm a Thai junkie, and seeing the word Thai, they sucked me in, and last night we were eating chips. Oh Lord, you must buy a bag. It's quite a joy. Although not a healthy joy, and it probably means extra time on the mill for me to make up for it, so I won't buy them unless its some sort of party or dinner from now on. But you, you probably buy chips, so go ahead and buy them and enjoy.
While you're buying that, look up the Adventures of Mark & Ollie on the Travel channel. There is no greater use of TV time than this. Just buy the box sets- starting with Living with the Kombai (two British guys trying to fit into indigenous tribes. Penis gourds, anyone? LOL.) Living with the Mek comes next (More penis gourds- ha ha ha ha ha...) and now, living with the Machigenga (alas, no penis gourds. But hallucinogenic shaman potions and only got to episode two!) I have been long hooked. But of course, I love seeing people eat grubs and learning about people untethered by the modern world at the same time. There isn't a finer hour of cable out there- I promise. If you watch this show, please comment. I'd love to know if anybody else is watching this stuff. It's completely awesome.
Probably even better with some Thai chips. One further? Someone you love and a snuggly blanket.
I'd better go. I hope you have a great day~ Breathe! ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Staples are cool.

It's been awhile! Or maybe just a while since I've actually talked about something that was not Facebook or my really awful poetry :) but I'm back for a moment.
Just a moment.
It seems I'm in such a rush, that I'm not actually getting anywhere. & I'm trying to blog and get it over with, for a moment my mind actually said,"Leave it!" and I accidentally added a u to while. Leave it! Leave all the misspellings! Be damned with it! Argh. That's what my mind says, but I corrected about three already so far.
My curry chicken is on the stove. & I'm preboiling asparagus. Stinky pee, lol. (I preboil, then sear in a pan with butter. Mmmm. Worth the stinky pee, for sho!)
Shanna tells me, 'I'm not eating that.' She would prefer a sliced cucumber and some noodles. It's seems like you really have to work around people in the husband tells me he's off of wheat. That leads me to noticed the addition of wheat in everything.
"I've been off wheat for three days," he says. Later, he sneaks a preformed cookie dough wad in his mouth.
"Whatcha doing?" I say.
"Well, it's been a hard day," he says. I just love him so.
He snuck off to hike a trail this afternoon. I should've painted closet doors or primed something, but I didn't. Where is the anthropologie fairy to sprinkle majical vintage style when I need her?
(or him?)
As an aquarian, my tastes blow, and I guess I'm made aware on occasion.
We've not been making it to the UU meetings. I have to make a note to go in March. I miss seeing real normal people.
My 6 year old has a new obsession. Staples. Okay, get it over with! I'm terrible. I shouldn't turn a child loose with a stapler. But she's a craftly little thing, and she's made some incredible things with it! (Of course she can run through about 100 staples a day. But it's for arts sake.)
She's made a giant mask, several watches, a box, rings, hats, crowns. pop-up cards with little dogs with wagging tongues and tails. She likes to cut paper in wee tiny pieces of paper, then staple them back together.
I let her.
Because staples are cool.
(But not in peoples faces, so I hope she doesn't grow into one of those teenagers that has odd metal gadgetry all through their lips and brows. But if she does it, we'll be cool with it. So cool, maybe she won't even think its cool.)
I smell coffee~
so bye & I hope everyone has a cool day. or warm day. whatever you like ;)
yours truly

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Facebook. You on it?

I really have come to like Facebook. It's quite addictive. Especially for me, since I prefer not to have to be in the company of people. It doesn't matter if I like you or not, 20 minutes around people is a long time for me. What if I slip up and pick my nose? What if I say the stupid things I'm so known for?
I once went to a wedding and accidentally asked the bride, "Where is everybody?" (Okay, I immediately caught how rotten that was about three minutes too late, and have remembered it for the past decade...) but that's not a uncommon thing for me. I'm just not good with real folk.
I like to live in pajama bottoms. I like to scratch occasionally.
I lack social finesse and confidence. That special something that people have that make them fabulous at gatherings. But Facebook has let me be a social creature where there once was just a geek who looked up plants.

Now I can be a geek who looks up people. Cool.

Turns out you can be a Fan of things, which is also cool. You can be a fan of an actor or you can be a fan of Macaroni & Cheese, it's that varied. I just waiting for Tap Water to come round, cause I happen to be a huge fan. I drink the stuff daily. Sometimes I even bathe in it :).
Tap Water, where is your Facebook page? Mmmm.
That's not very enthusiastic. Let me try again. Mmmm! Woo Hoo! It may be underrated, this Tap Water, but it's cleaner than most countries are drinking, and I don't have to tote it on my head. If you have to be grateful for one thing today, let it be this.

I was un-friended recently on Facebook. Or de-friended.
I painted this painting of a cucumber, naked, and one of my Facebook friends un-friended me. The painting is terrible, this I know. I guess I just didn't really think it was offensive? This same person cooked for Steven & I when we had our daughter. So nice!
So nice, yet I never returned their cookware. I don't believe I will be returning it now. (There you go, Me=rotten friend.) My faulty returning of items has karmically returned to me. I think back to Dr. Bell's book, cause he's the bomb. I'd better get it back to him.

My foxy man just came to get me for some quality TiVo/Lost time, so that's all for now!
warm wishes :)