Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Facebook. You on it?

I really have come to like Facebook. It's quite addictive. Especially for me, since I prefer not to have to be in the company of people. It doesn't matter if I like you or not, 20 minutes around people is a long time for me. What if I slip up and pick my nose? What if I say the stupid things I'm so known for?
I once went to a wedding and accidentally asked the bride, "Where is everybody?" (Okay, I immediately caught how rotten that was about three minutes too late, and have remembered it for the past decade...) but that's not a uncommon thing for me. I'm just not good with real folk.
I like to live in pajama bottoms. I like to scratch occasionally.
I lack social finesse and confidence. That special something that people have that make them fabulous at gatherings. But Facebook has let me be a social creature where there once was just a geek who looked up plants.

Now I can be a geek who looks up people. Cool.

Turns out you can be a Fan of things, which is also cool. You can be a fan of an actor or you can be a fan of Macaroni & Cheese, it's that varied. I just waiting for Tap Water to come round, cause I happen to be a huge fan. I drink the stuff daily. Sometimes I even bathe in it :).
Tap Water, where is your Facebook page? Mmmm.
That's not very enthusiastic. Let me try again. Mmmm! Woo Hoo! It may be underrated, this Tap Water, but it's cleaner than most countries are drinking, and I don't have to tote it on my head. If you have to be grateful for one thing today, let it be this.

I was un-friended recently on Facebook. Or de-friended.
I painted this painting of a cucumber, naked, and one of my Facebook friends un-friended me. The painting is terrible, this I know. I guess I just didn't really think it was offensive? This same person cooked for Steven & I when we had our daughter. So nice!
So nice, yet I never returned their cookware. I don't believe I will be returning it now. (There you go, Me=rotten friend.) My faulty returning of items has karmically returned to me. I think back to Dr. Bell's book, cause he's the bomb. I'd better get it back to him.

My foxy man just came to get me for some quality TiVo/Lost time, so that's all for now!
warm wishes :)

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