Friday, November 30, 2007

1,2,3, then i'm done!

okay, so I really don't have much time today to chat...actually, this is the only "chatting" I do. Could be partially because I prefer to do the chatting. Could also be that computer chat rooms are full of some of the most ignorant people in the world. I've gone in a few a couple years ago. This is the gist of it-
me- hello
person 1- hello me
person 2- hello me, age?
person 3- 19-f-boston (okay, you'll actually find these about every other post, but let's get on with it.)
person 2- person 3, do you have a pics?
person 4- that's so sad, sally.
sally- yep, we done lost all we had in that fire! even momma and her drunk ass disabled boyfriend burnt up. thank the lord Jesus and president Bush my momma's cat lived. He lost a wee little cat leg, but he's doing better. I just need to get some money to pay the vet bills. Maybe I can go on Craigslist and put a note out for some these rich folk to help me out.
person 4- Craigslist? Isn't that where people go to buy used furniture?
sally - sometimes. I heard it's all rich folk buying that used junk. You know how cheap they can be.
me- craigslist is a great place if you're interested in a plaid sofa. I think there's three on there right now.
sally- I prefer flowers on my sofa.
person 5- anybody got hanna montana tickets?
me - person 5, does you're mother know you're in a chat room?
person 5- f* you, I'm a 41 year old man (this guy probably lives with his mother. And whenever I think of chat rooms, I think of some nasty old guy sitting in his underpants...)

that's probably why I don't go in chat rooms. I go to you instead. I can't say I'm guilty of sitting in my underpants, but I am wearing some aqua crocs. That's probably equally offensive to somebody out there. So I'm sitting here just trying to summarize what I've been up to.
1. Mailed out another manuscript. (Wish me luck!)
2. went to the grocery store. bought some egg nog, organic milk, a box of those little oranges the kids like, three packs of chicken, cherry tomatoes, bananas, tidy cat, a couple tins of those blue diamond Wasabi & Soy almonds...not in that order. Because the little oranges were actually closer to the bananas, and I'm practicing restraint not putting the food in order by aisles. (I do that when I unload the buggy too)
3. Has anybody tried the wasabi almonds? unbelievable. I'm telling you, a can of wasabi nuts and a nice glass of wine, there's supper! Mmmm.
4. Okay, I'm really getting off topic. I drive a long way to get the kids in school now. What have I seen lately on the way? Today, buzzards. I drive past one of Steven's friends on the way & noticed D. got his own mailbox. He must not want his parents reading his porn. (If you knew this person, you'd understand?) I noticed the Lancelot plaque was not on the Lance place anymore. I wish I could accidentally drive up that driveway just to see what the house looks like, then drive back down. (I think I'd better not.)
I saw a guy picking his kid up in the car rider line on a riding lawnmower...shirtless. Has anybody seen that movie Idiocricy? Hmmm. You may have to live next to my previous neighbor to find that film funny. I don't know.
We went out of town for thanksgiving. On the way back we stopped in the REI store, and Naomi lost her tinkerbell purse.
"All my pokemon cards were in there! We have to find it!" crying..."I traded for those cards!!!" It was a rough day. We've never found the purse. She tells me if some boy found it he'd never turn it in. "I had the best pokemon cards in there." She informed me her watermelon lipsmacker was lost as well. This is a tragedy, indeed.
I watched Iconoclasts with Norman Lear & Howard Schultz. (Love that show)
So now here I am, at the end of this thing, and I guess I'm just writing to check in. Nothing of interest has happened in the past month or so.
I wish I had something cool and exciting to tell you, but I'm of the opinion that sometimes you have to be thankful for having nothing at all to talk about.
For instance, I'm thankful my children are healthy.
Or, I'm thankful my children are healthy and they don't have headlice.
And then you just try to make the details even more minute until it's something like,
'I'm thankful I got no annoying fundamentalist emails' or 'I'm thankful I still have that one Turner Field 1997 braves budweiser glass from when I won the pair of them playing movie trivia at the chicken wing place, although Steven flew a spoon across the kitchen aiming for the sink and it shattered the matching one...' (Okay, that's kind of on the border.)

& I'm thankful for you! Happy Holidays, yt

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

hello again!

I'm sitting here with my slice of ezekiel bread with cream cheese. Whipped cream cheese, whipped with air to taste like air...(I really recommend you go old school with your cream cheese, friends).

See me?
See me?
I'm human electricity
humming glowing god power.
At 7, you see fairies.
At 17, possibilities.
27, 37, you only see hands on the clock,
tick tocking too slow, then too fast,
At 47, maybe you'll wonder
why you spent so much damn time
watching the hands of time.
See me?
Wake up now & see me.
I'm human electricity!
Find your outlet & plug yourself in.

-kat lee, spur of the moment. now I got to get back to that clock! lol. love ya.