Wednesday, November 14, 2007

hello again!

I'm sitting here with my slice of ezekiel bread with cream cheese. Whipped cream cheese, whipped with air to taste like air...(I really recommend you go old school with your cream cheese, friends).

See me?
See me?
I'm human electricity
humming glowing god power.
At 7, you see fairies.
At 17, possibilities.
27, 37, you only see hands on the clock,
tick tocking too slow, then too fast,
At 47, maybe you'll wonder
why you spent so much damn time
watching the hands of time.
See me?
Wake up now & see me.
I'm human electricity!
Find your outlet & plug yourself in.

-kat lee, spur of the moment. now I got to get back to that clock! lol. love ya.

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