Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i wish i was. more poetry?

i wish i was,
but i'm not.
i wish i was vague and elusive
writing with hidden meanings
only intellectual types
could interpret.
i wish i was

i wish i could
but i can't
i wish i could draw from the depth that lies within me
to create something beautiful
i wish i could

but i'm drawn from a shallow well
the water so clear
if you drop something into it
you need not even fish around to find
the thing you dropped.

when i wrote this
i searched for rhyming words
like simple and pimple
and people read my work
and said,
I could have wrote this.

Why didn't you? :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is the Day the Lord has Made by kat lee

this is the Day the Lord has made,
And everyday before and after,
And every thought,
Every religion too.

Yes, all of them,
Even the one's that suck the joy right out
of the existance of its followers.
Maybe those especially?

Or Maybe those were misinterpreted dreams
God gone through then changed in the sieve of its conduit.
Like clear water will become clear pee
Lest you throw a little asparagus in the mix
Then you get stinky pee.

God isn't the pee,
He's the Water.