Sunday, June 3, 2007

Chili Cheese Fries, Corn Dogs, & Guilt...

We almost got rain today. What else? We took the kids to this creek in the mountains so they could refresh their memories of what outside water looked like. They were not feeling too sure about it.
We were going to go to church, but since Steven worked Mon-Sat, getting up at 6 am on Sunday didn't really feel right.
This morning we watched Big Ideas for a Small Planet on the Sundance channel- it was the one on food and organics. An hour later, we were driving thru the Krystals drive thru, ordering chili cheese fries and corn pups. Chili cheese fries and corn pups, with a side of guilt :(
(I sliced some mango & strawberries when I got home! I swear!)
The kids are sleeping. Steven is sitting at the table doing paperwork. Quiet house. I've folded all my laundry, it's totally caught up, even those fitted sheets that don't exactly look folded after I've made my best attempts to fold them...("You are getting sleepy...")

Good nite :)

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