Thursday, May 24, 2007

the Honors Program

The gardenias are blooming. It's a good contrast, with the fragrant rotting rats on the other side of the yard. My neighbor did knock at the door to talk about them again yesterday.
Taterbug (my neighbor's name-yep, really!) said he's filling the holes with bleach. Okay, I'm going to move on...

I drove to school for the Honor's Day program, and I'm getting in the car, and notice my legs are a little stubbly, and I'm wearing capri pants. In the house, I already changed shirts, thinking my daughter would notice if I arrived in yesterdays shirt, however cosy it is...but now, stubbly legs, and no time to shave them.
I pull up and have to park far off, and I fall in with the crowds of parents lining the walls of the gym. I stand in between the guy with too much cologne and some other folks. The lady next to me squats and I hope she doesn't see my legs. A few more people crowd between the guy with too much cologne and I, and it still smells like I'm standing next to the guy with too much cologne. Now for all I know, it's not even that guy. It could be somebody way down at the end.

Naomi did great. She got the award for A's all year, the Sweat Star award (for PE- only two children get that each quarter), and she got the Citizenship Award (only two kids get that for the whole year!) Hurray!
I clapped til my hands were sore, forgetting the 'Hold all applause til all the kids names have been called' rule. Forgetting my stubbly legs & the woman with her face 16 inches away from them. I clapped anyway, giddy for my baby. She smiled, holding her head up like she was a lizard on a rock, soaking up sun.
~I feel lucky. I hope you all have a lucky day too. Come back soon~

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