Friday, May 18, 2007


Spent the day at school today! The kids had Field Day, where they play games outside all day. Fun! & they grilled hot dogs outside for all the kids, and I'm sitting there thinking the lunches smell really good. The teacher tells me that Longhorn Steakhouse is making the teachers lunch on the other side of the building. I skipped lunch, opting for the little bag of carrots Naomi tossed aside.
Last nite, I was watching The Soprano's. (I know, Soprano's wasn't on last nite- I don't actually get to watch the shows the nite they come on, so I TiVo them & watch them when I can.)
I remember something about James Gandolfini getting married a couple years ago. I looked over at Steven.
"Do you this his wife ever asks him to be Tony Soprano?"
"He probably does it for fun," he says.
"No, I mean do you think his wife ever asks him to be Tony Soprano?" As in, 'Honey, tonite you be Tony...'
If you watch the show, Geez, Tony Soprano is always getting it on with somebody. I wonder what he thinks about doing those scenes- they aren't romanticised love scenes like you see in movies. It's pretty much a big bald guy in his forties getting it on with a girl half his age (usually a stripper) for all of 20 seconds. No sexy foreplay, no romantic words. Sometimes grunts or a facial expression. Not much going on...Yet,
there's something kind of hot about Tony Soprano. Usually, I'm more of a Matt Damon girl, but I have a feeling that there are days when Gandolfini comes home from work that the wife hands him a sloppy white robe, tells him to talk about somebody named Vito or Mario, and gets a wee bit turned on. I bet.
So if the wife of James Gandolfini sees my blog, please feel free to comment. (I say that as though my blog gets traffic, ha ha!)
Of course it does.

Doesn't it? Hmm. (India Arie's Gratitute just came on. She's so talented. Unbelievable! I bet her mother is extremely proud.)

I wish you every joy this day~ much love, Kat

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