Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Morning, May

Good morning, May. I'm glad to see you!
I drove the girls to school this morning, and found that there was absolutely nothing on the radio. Nada. Okay, flipping through, I heard a few bars of 50 cent's In Da Club, and part of me paused- (Geez, what would Oprah think?) -because I like that song, but looking into the rearview mirror, I decided to plug India Arie into the cd player. Already, when Naomi gets excited about something, she throws her hands in the air,
"It's my birthday! It's my birthday, Yeah!" (In my defense, I think her version comes from a tv commercial.) She's growing up too quickly. There's no stopping her, but maybe I can work on some of the content that goes into her ears.
On one of the Wayne Dyer specials, he talks about how tangible items contain energy. His teenaged son was listened to a rap cd, and he relates this experiment. (I'll do my best to explain it!)
He tells his son to grab a banana off of the counter, then try to brace himself. He then tried to push his son over. The son doesn't budge.
He then tells the son to pick up a cd case. His son braced- and his son went down. The energy in the banana verses that in the cd case was enough to weaken the kid! Many of you are reading this thinking I'm crazy. There is scientific proof that tangible things have energy! There's this great book on the studies of water, and how different things change its structure, such as cell phone's ringing beside it, turning it muddy...as well as encouraging words written on the bottle turning the molecular form of the water into beautiful forms. Really interesting.
Did I go off topic? Stay with me!
If positive enforcement can affect water, think of what it can do for your children? It really puts things into perspective. Does your daughter wear t-shirts with sayings? What goes into your kids ears? Hopefully, something along the lines of,
"I'm so proud of you!" or "I can't believe how lucky I am to have such a great kid!"

It's a great start. I have a bit of spring cleaning to do, so I'm off. Thanks for visiting my blog!
Much much love, Yours truly :)

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