Thursday, May 24, 2007

I dropped the girls off at school, but it's Honor's Day, so I have to be back there at 8:45. That gives me 30 minutes to fold the sofa throws, make the beds, & say good morning to you.
(Good morning!)
I think today will be a great day. Hello, I Love You came on the radio on my way home. It reminded me of when I was a Doors obsessed teenager. At one point, while in Paris, I dragged my family, including my 80-something-year old French Grandmere through a graffiti laden cemetery, in search of the famous 'head.' Alas, The head was gone (stolen), but we saw Jim's grave, decades later,trashed, & still surrounded by groupies and cops.
It made me a little sad at the time. Not sad because Jim Morrision was dead, but sad because of the way his fans trashed the cemetery so. Graffiti'd monuments of people who were forgotten, people who were not Jim, which to some ignorant sort, made them less revered.
Sayings like "I want to F*** Jim!" Pretty dumb, huh? And I remember that morning I wanted to pee before I got on the bus, so I drank 4 glasses of apple juice, then had to pee all day. At 18, I stood in line outside an automated john doing the pee-pee dance, and one kind woman let me pass. It was all about finding the john that day in Paris. Lol. Maybe in a few years we'll drag the kids there.
I was trying to sign on & go straight to my blog, without seeing American Idol results. No luck. I didn't watch it yet, but the AOL screen has already told me. I guess I'll watch it tomarrow with my 8 yr old? (Today is Tumbling & Karate day)
Lost won out last night. Apparently, they are going to get off the island, but I don't know. I don't think Charlie will really be dead, he's one of my favorites. Surely someone will sweep in and save him at the last minute...(Or first minutes of next years show?)
I had a dream where I was climbing a ladder or something and leaning up against the fence. I heard some commotion, and a big old white car full of loud folks was driving fast (In my backyard?) Made a quick turn, and slammed into the ladder & fence, purposely. Then I woke up. What does it mean? Hmmm.
Maybe it means I shouldn't put myself in places where I don't need to be (like responding to my cousins emails, pissing them off?) Maybe it means that I'm just feeling vulnerable. I don't know. I'll have to think on it some more later. I have to hurry to get to the school on time- blogged too long already!
Much love to you all. I'm grateful you stopped in!...

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