Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kid stuff...

Hi! I'm not really in a posting mood- probably because I just have too much going on. I have to pick the girls up at noon from school today- Naomi has a Dr appt with a dermatologist because of some funny moles. This will make the 4th trip to the dr this week!
(Perhaps it's somewhat stressing me out. I TiVo'ed the season finale of My Name Is Earl, and finally watched it yesterday. Then, I found myself getting teary eyed when Earl had to go to jail. Yikes! Tears for Earl? What's wrong with me?)
The first three because of Shanna & a deck accident... Thursday nite, she runs in from the deck (about 8:30- sun's still out here) & her foot is bleeding. Actually bleeding, not the normal stuff kids cry about. She has a hard time remembering to wear shoes, has been running in the yard barefoot for hours, and comes in screaming.
"What happened?"
"I stepped on a nail in the deck!!! Waaa!!!" A nail? Immediately I worry about tetanus. But our deck doesn't have nails, only screws, and it's only a couple years old. We try to clean her foot with her screaming for us not to touch it, and we bandaid it. It looks to be about 1/8" puncture. We decide to take her to the doctor in the morning after she's slept.
Friday, at the Dr, they take the bandaid off. Apparently, the bandaid sealed in germs, and has spread some sort of skin infection. You know the drill- the nurses have me hold down my childs arms, and she gets a shot in both legs. One is the tetanus shot, the other a heavy duty antibiotic. They prescribe yet another antibiotic, for her to take orally 10 days, twice a day.
3 times a day, the doctor wants me to give her a bath and redress her wound. Okay.
But late Saturday night, it looks worse. She just feels extremely sad & irritable...She can't walk on it, and it's looking dark. Steven, a carpenter, says he thinks there's something it in. I called the ER. Our ER takes 3-4 hours, and we decided to take her in the morning.
We spend the first 3 hours of Mothers Day in the ER. The Doctor agrees, something's in there. They X-ray her, but it doesn't show up. After a few shots to numb her foot, They open her foot up to find a 1 1/2" chunk of wood decking had gone into the meat of her foot.
Her little baby foot, shiny & taut from swelling, almost pushed it out. They decide to cut her foot open anyway, to make sure there's nothing left. So she's healing, but she's got this 2 inch incision in her foot. We went back on Tuesday for a follow up.
Today, it's Naomi's turn to go.
Tomarrow is Field Day at school, and the kids want me to come, so I'll be there. What excitement! They are jumping up & down,
"There's going to be inflatables! & hot dogs! & blue & rainbow icees!!!" That is a big deal, indeed. I make a mental note not to put them in white shirts on Friday.

Saturday, we have to get up an hour earlier (5) to be at the airport by 8 am to pick up the dog. Hopefully, traffic won't be so bad.
Sunday, I'm going to stay in bed until about 11.
Monday, I'm taking my mother & sister to lunch at Crystal Thai for a late Mother's Day get-together. (I'd have done it early, but my sister is hard to come by. I'm really glad we're going, though. That'll be my fun day!)
Tuesday is Preschool Graduation.
Next Thursday is Honor's Day.
After next Friday, 10 weeks of sleeping late, nothing except the usual karate, tumbling & swim, and that's in the afternoons. Mmmm.
Until then, my best- yours truly :)

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