Friday, April 13, 2007


It's noon, but since it's spring break, it feels morningish, with the sleeping in. Today's soundtrack so far has been "The Gyuto Monks: Tibetan Tantric Choir." It is a bit reminiscent of bullfrogs in a bog, singing or courting each other. I don't know what they're actually saying- something that sounds like "Oy, Ay Ya, Oy, Oyyy. Ahhhhh! Oy, Oy, Ya, Oy, Ommmm!" I rather like it, as it doesn't take focus away from anything else, but Naomi tells me it's getting a little boring. May have to find something a little more up tempo.
So, how's the world today? It's Friday, you must be happy about that. I had my coffee, and a Spinach Sensation Spinach pocket, and now I'm working on a generic bottle of spring water. We recycle the little plastic bottles, but I think soon we'll move on to one of those giant in house water cooler numbers.
I bought a pre-owned "new" sofa a few weeks ago, which I love, but now as I look around the room, I'd like a new chair, rug, curtains...I have to tell you, mentally, I think I should've been a decorator. What great taste I have! At the same time, I believe everyone thinks they have great taste. Even the person who buys that hunter green burgundy striped sofa, they think they have good taste as well. And all the people who overuse the color tan. So maybe, my lavender-grey room, lime bedding and brown floral sheets are not so tasteful after all.
Am I kidding? Of course they are! I'm awesome! Celebrate the fact that you, out there, have good taste. Because it isn't about other people's impressions at all. It's about what makes you happy.
Years ago, I bought a little old carved corn figurine, little arms and legs, little eyes. I propped him up on my bookshelf, and I like him. I like his little corny yellow head. The shucks are like a little jacket on him.
"What are we going to name him?" The girls want everything named.
"Cornholio," Remember Beavis & Butthead?
"Cornholio?" But they were satisfied.
Wow, The Monks are partying! Maybe that's the grand finale? Maybe not.
My crocheting is going good. I ended up with a huge knot, but cut it out with the nail clippers & carried on. I think I'm going to start crocheting Christmas gifts after I get done with the blanket. It'll take me that long.
I'm looking for some rabbit prints. If anyone is just happening across my blog, and knows where I can find some black and white rabbit prints, leave me a note. For that matter, I'm also looking for a Michel Bernstein print, titled "Friends come in all flavors."
The baby just stopped at the doorway and informed me she did "a big giant poop." Funny.

My ex-brother-in-law, now married to my neighbor across the street, is playing his drums. I actually like the drumming. I find it comforting. Uncle Tony is banging away again! The neighbors on both sides of me took him to court about the whole thing. I think it was more about some 'territorial old dogs,' myself, but I'll save all that for later.
The Monks have gone silent, and I guess it's time for my boring ass to get up. The computer is so bright, it's literally sucking out all my energy. Remember when the kids sat to close to the TV, and you'd have to shout, "Scootch back! You're going to ruin your eyes!!!" What a great example for that the cp screen is! Yikes.
Here's wishing you some sort of little joy, who knows, maybe they'll put double meat on your sandwich, or maybe you'll find something you lost along time ago. A letter from an old friend. Maybe what you'll find is twenty minutes of uninterrupted reading time.
Comes back again,
your truly

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