Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus Who? & My Uneventful Day

So I didn't win the Annie auction. My idea was to bid $6.16, becuase surely no one would want to claim the next highest bid...the big $6.66...but sometimes my ideas aren't so great, and that one didn't take.
Rather than bidding on another one, I dug out Bob Marley's Rebel Hop. Good music for the kids to color to.
In the news today- some character named Dan Imus said something stupid on the radio. I haven't the first idea who Imus is. Could care less. This is the first I've heard his name. Seems maybe he said those remarks for publicity, since his face is posted all over the AOL page? I don't know. I think he was fired.
(Can I have his job?)
Also in the news, Madonna is adopting another child. I think it's great. If I had funds, I would adopt too. And Madonna has funds. For that matter, Madonna can adopt me if she wants. (Of course, I'm a package deal, along with me comes my husband, kids, dog, a cat, I guess I could part with the fish.)
I looked on Craigslist again today. I'm coming to the conclusion that the perfect leather chair will never appear on Craigslist for $200, let alone $500. If you want a hunter green & burgundy striped sofa, I think you're in luck. You could probably read this blog three months from now and still be in luck. Sometimes you find a rare beauty, though, so it's worth checking out.
Just make sure you type "Craigslist" not "Craiglist"...leave out the S and Whoops!
Though uneventful, my day has been really good. I ate some honey nut cheerios. A cup of coffee. I picked up some crocheting and tried to remember how I did it. My mother came by and suggested I start over.
"Didn't you show me how to do it this way?"
"No. I don't know what you're doing. It's a mess."
But seeing as it's already 5' x 2', and it's taken me about five years to get that far, I'll just keep at it. I think by the time the baby graduates, I'll have it finished.
Chances Are just came on (the BMarley Chances Are).
I hope wherever you people are, there is sunshine. There is happiness. There is Rasta music. & if not, keep your eyes open. Hope is round the corner!
Love, yours truly

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