Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I guess I kinda jumped into the blogging world without much of an introduction. Who am I?
I'm your every day average jane. I'm the lady in line behind you at the Target. The lady that goes to the grocery store and buys a dozen boxes of Spinach Sensations Spinach pockets, a couple melons, and flavored Creme Brulee coffee creamers full of hydrogenated stuff that I know is bad, but can't break away from.
Sometimes I'm the lady that leaves her turn signal on for a few miles too many, so my husband says. I tend to look on the bright side, I don't smoke, swear, or tan. Boring, really.
But here's the tricky part. I don't want you to like me. I'm likeable, that's my nature. But there's always that someone that thinks you're someone you really aren't, and when you show your true self, they think you're an idiot. Someone whom you befriend, and then feel you need to hide every aspect or belief to please. High school is over. Here I am.
1. I'll take any Democrat in 08. Any or all three of the front runners...although, for shock factor, I feel that Hilary and Obama would piss off the most Republicans, and the idea of that brings me joy. I also feel Bill CLinton would be an excellent First Lady. He was, in my opinion, a decent President. Years ago, when I told people in my distant family I voted for Gore, a slew of aborted and beheaded baby photo emails came my way. Refrain from that, if it's possible. I guess that moves us on to the next topic.
2. Christian Conservatives. I'm not one. I was actually raised with New Age religion, reincarnation, and am a member of a Unitarian congregation. I guess that means I'm also Pro-choice, pro-santa claus, and Who does it hurt if a man wants to marry another man? Not me. Love is universal. God made every leaf, every spirit, every religion. Maybe he made them in order for people to work out the differences, I don't know. There is some truth to all religion, But the God I believe in created everything. All of it. There's no power greater, yet nothing more misunderstood. I don't believe in Hell. And the saved- thing, well, we are all saved. Even Muslims, Jews, Buddhists. Even atheists. Let your good intentions guide you. God is too big to separate. God is love, and energy. I've spent too long being preached to, I guess I had to get that out...before you like me, then learn I'm not like you. Rather than me hide something, or you befriending my wee blog, then having to take it all back- Here it is!
3. French people are not rude. They are honest. My mother is French. I love the French, and dislike the idea that so many feel so free to express how terrible the French are. I still get emails- boycott France! France was cowardly during the War! The American's had to bail them out! Yikes. That was decades ago. Back then, white Americans made african Americans eat in separate restaurants, lynched them, put them on the back of the bus. Who was worse. We want to say the French were worse, probably because we can. We have to judge somebody, don't we? Stay present. People are generally good.
4. Maybe this is enough for today. I hope that you have a sweet, sweet day. Be kind to a stranger. Don't fret over what may never come. I think tomarrow is going to be pretty awesome. yours truly

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