Friday, May 15, 2009

What i Give to You

What I give to you is 30 to 45 minutes of my day,
not everyday but sometimes, when I'm
a. bored or
b. not so boring.
Sometimes I go days collecting the non-boring bits for you,
trying to gather little pieces or ordinary that you may not notice
but are not that ordinary after all.

What I give to you is akin to Fallon's giving choice bits to his cats,
A bite here and there yet not the bulk of my day.
The bubbles on the bath, shiny and lovely
but I never go near the water.
There aren't moments where I slip and go deep;
Writing this is like writing to myself.

It's a one-sided sandwich; I am the speaking and the listening.
I am the bread folded over hiding my peanut butter, honey and bananas inside.
There is no second slice of bread in blogging.
I do not let you view bruised banana chunks
But the big nutty bits are too much of me as a whole!
So you have to eat them
Hope you like them
If you're here you're probably full of nuts yourself

thanks for dropping in :)

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