Monday, May 4, 2009

Really Quickly!

(The family napping on a Disney bench outside the now Defunct Space Mtn. I took the photo.)
Okay, I'm home!
But my to do list is long, too long for the days limited hours, and I should NOT be here.
Really. But I am, so I'll be very quick.
My 13th Anniversary today! Definitely, I should be blogging about how awesome my husband is, but instead, I'll blog about his and my favorite things during the trip.
So we got home late last night, and after getting all our stuff unloaded & kids to bed, we sat and watched Ladies #1 Detective Agency, then went to bed ourselves, exhausted.
The light went out and Steven says to me,
"What was your favorite thing on the trip?" & I'm drifting off already. Huh? I say.
He asked again. I already know what he's going to say.
"You wanna know mine?"
"I know already. You're gonna say breakfast."
"Not just breakfast, you remember the-"
"The ladies who thought I was crazy. Yes. I knew you were going to say that."

In order to keep the girls surprised, we said we were going to Kentucky. We got lucky when they never saw us cross the Florida state line, and checked into the hotel that night. But the next day at breakfast, Shanna mentioned to the waitresses it was her birthday.
"Are you going to Disney? Epcot?"
The kids didn't hear her and I panicked. (Interesting, panic has a k when you add ed...)
"H-huh?" I'm stuttering.
"Are you in Florida for the Birthday?" they ask.
"We're not in Florida, W-we-we're in Kentucky," I get out. Steven is staring at me across the table and in that moment, I know this is coming back to me. The waitresses look afraid, as they back away from the table slowly. I'm nuts.

"Do you know what my favorite thing was on the trip?" I say.
"When we were at that raggedy backwoods Captain D, and I ordered the salmon plate, and you asked the little hillbilly girl if the Salmon was caught in the wild or farm raised..."
He did. He did it, and I just stared at him.
"Are you for real?" the girl asks, "Is he jokin?"
"No, he's not joking."
When they start to holler back to the folks in the kitchen the origin of the fish, people were getting in line behind us. I went to the table with the girls because I didn't want them to think it was me.
"I should've pinned that on you," he says. "I should've said 'My wife wants to know!' "
That would have been completely like him. For those of you that don't have Captain D, it's like McDonald's but with fish.
His question would be the equivalent of asking the origin of the beef in a big mac. Um.

I really do not have time to blog today though.
And there are things I'd love to blog about!
Accidentally getting on the email list for Freecycle.
Every other email is about guinea pigs, guinea pigs taken, free guinea pigs, but the other day, somebody was giving away their control top hose. 14 pairs. Various colors.
I sold the naked cucumber painting! (There's a photo on this blog somewhere, but I don't know the exact location/day of it. I think it was early 2009, if you are wanting to see it.)
And the time alloted for blogging
And Jimmy Fallon didn't answer my email
So I'll probably have to blog about that as well soon
but not on my anniversary,
which also happens to be the last day we can work on my daughters project
which is far from finished. Argh.
More later. Have a really good day!

yours truly :D

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