Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random stuff...

Is there no better finale to a huge deal of a show than a
cringe worthy inspirational song about reaching your dreams?
That's right, I'm talking about American Idol.
And that yearly CRINGE WORTHY ballad at the end.
This year Kara wrote the song. I think she were a wee uncomfortable, but the judges were trying to be nice. "Let's not judge you by that song, let's say you had a great year."

Riding the train of thought for a moment.
Train of thought says
I hate ignorant people.
then, doesn't everyone hate ignorant people?
then, what if ingorant is just a point of view...
To somebody,
I'm probably ignorant.
I'd prefer not to be.
But maybe,
I don't hate ignorant people.
Maybe I just feel sorry for their lack of intelligence.
well, I never went to college,
and my manuscripts are returned so heartily
perhaps I am not the one to judge
who's ignorant and who's not.
Perhaps no one is.
"Where are those nasty crackers?" he says. What nasty crackers? The nasty seedy ones, and he's digging through the cupboards. Oh, I say, those were my moms and she took them back.
"They were gluten free!!!" he says.
"Yes, and she took them back to spread fancy french cheese on them." They are probably better with cheese, he says. They were so nasty. Taste like burnt up roaches, he tells me, still glancing in the cupboards. :).
"You know," he says, "my stomach and head haven't felt good for a couple days. You think I quit gluten too rapidly?" Um, no. Why, you wantin to eat bread?
"No, I was sorta wanting the beer in the fridge."
(No gluten=no beer, although they make a few gluten free varieties not sold in our tiny town...)

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