Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Because because because because because!

Because of the wonderful things he does!

I must first apologize for the little coconut story in case its too vulgar for my sweet readers of prudent ears. I actually toned it down to get it here, but I don't know.

Maybe apologizing is the wrong thing to do.

Maybe I cannot ever be the same person twice in a row, twice in my blog even.

Or maybe, I'm the same person in every single blog if you read far enough to get to know it.

And you just stick with me anyhow. (If so, Thanks for that!) Eventually, maybe you'll find me back at the place where you liked me best, and I'll be once again a welcome sight. It'll happen.

We ate some gluten free chocolate chip cookies last night. The dough taste funny, familiar but indescribable. Made from some sort of bean flour. Yum!

My husband and I were watching the movie Baby Mama with Tina Fey the other day. It is so strange and funny what different creatures a man and woman can be. I just kept watching the movie, wondering, "What color is that living room in the apartment? And what about that color? I wonder if it would work in the bathroom or hallway?" So everytime they show the apartment, my brain is in paint chip mode.

So then, my husband shouts, "Hey! Did you see that?" Huh? I say. He grabs the remote and rewinds. Very important indeed for my husband to rewind!

"The park bushes. You see that?" and he has it paused. "The park has been planted to look like a womans genitalia! See that?" Of course, he reasons, they have purposely planted the hedges in the film to look like a giant green, um...bush. Purposely?

I don't know, I have my doubts. But I felt that one person would definitely know-

Jimmy Fallon, of course! Fallon is the one who could bring back that Late Night Letterman feel. I couldn't click with Conan, but Letterman was sarcastic love for me. As a preteen, he was the one that made me laugh, the smart snarky guy who'd hang with the likes of Fran Leibowitz and Bud Melman, and he made television classy and raunchy and lovable. I bought his top ten book and dreamed of him, in a weird way he made me imagine myself not the geek i was, but cool. And trust me, I was a geek.

Fallon now has that chance to make late night right again.

Who doesn't just adore Jimmy Fallon, he just looks like the cute little neighborhood kid...

but he's not- So I email Jimmy Fallon my questions about the paint chips and the vagina park, but no response. Not from his people, nothing. Not a 'Thank you for your email' from the lady in housekeeping, nothing.

Certain of course that Fallon has the answers, I wait. But I feel that probably Jimmy Fallon sits among all his 42 cats, cats over and under his bed, they are scratching on papers like the ones you see on animal detective, then jumping on the bed for bits of cold cheese sandwich. On white bread. Even though white bread is not hip and trendy Manhatten grub.

No doubt Mr. Fallon is reading my blog (right, he's one of the five of ya) sitting on some old star wars bed sheets with cats cats cats. I do however give him the benefit of the doubt, as I imagine he would give them the center bits of choice, and eat only the crust for himself.
As I do you. ?.
"No! No! Don't take my cats!" he'd say tp the pet detectives, crying and covered with hair, but as a young celeb, his cats are safe. I've heard that when he's feeling kinky, his wife goes up to broadway and rents an old Cats costume including full makeup. But with a skirt, no undies, just a Cats top half then the skirt and some orange leg warmers. Cause that how Jimmy Fallon gets happy.
But don't tell anybody you heard it from me!!!


So I've got tons of gardening to do...
If you purchase roses from mail order own root sites, often they tell you to snap off the buds to stimulate root production. (I know, I really need a separate blog for this. Otherwise, one minute you care, the next you don't)...I really have a hard time snapping off the pending flowers on a potted plant about to bloom. I want to see them. I wait too long, so I can see them, but then their scrawny asses stay scrawny too long. So my gardening tip for the day is pinch off the buds on new mail order own root roses.

(this rose is called L'Ingenue)

Thanks for stopping in-

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