Friday, May 1, 2009

2 Cone Day!

2 cone day
Jame & Lucy were playing when jingle ring! The ice cream man!
Then Jane gave Lucy the money to get hers.
After the long long long line, Lucy got back
but Jane was riding off with her mommy & daddy.
"You can eat mine!" Jane yelled!
A 2 Cone Day! Yippee! WoW!
But Lucy counter her chickens before they hatched!
She didn't keep her eye on the prize.
But somebody always is &
By the time Lucy opened her eyes,
Unseen forces that be had gobbled them up
& All Lucy had was sticky fingers!
I got a lot of stuff to do & won't be back with you til Monday or Tuesday-ish...
~Til then, have a great weekend~
& Keep your eye on the prize :)

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