Monday, May 11, 2009

Irritable Me

Long time no see! (okay, just a few days.)

I'm not my cheery self this weekend. Could be a few reasons for that, like...
1. Due to some recent unpleasant gluten allergy discoveries,
this week we removed all wheat and gluten items from our home. Three big boxes full.
This would include cereal, pasta, muffin mixes, brownie mix,
an unopened pack of cookie dough, noodle soups, of course.
This also includes the Wasabi Almonds we love so much, and
I'm trying to find a Wheat free soy sauce we can mix with wasabi for California rolls...
This will also require some diligence and will power.
Not that we go to Red Lobster more than 1-2 times per year,
but the very idea of telling the Red Lobster folk to hold the bread basket is disturbing at the least. No more blogging on my love for the Cap'n, as I ate my last bowl of it a few days ago. The box of pumpkin bread mix I hid a few days ago, my husband found. "It's all going," he says.
Bare with me as I go through my gluten withdrawals.

2. My bathroom floor. This week, I noticed something on my floor. I've tried scrubbing it, but no luck. (Okay, I'm going to show you a couple pics of my bathroom...Woo Hoo!)

(No decor jokes. Remember, I revel in being boring.)
Okay, now look closer! Ack! Yellow stains on my marble!
I read that I need to make some sort of poultice out of peroxide and gypsum to fix this, which I'll be trying out, then I'll be resealing the floor.
I tell my husband my findings. "You can do it," he says. I can?
I should've titled this 'my frou frou Martha Stewart day', as I feel quite weird talking about a marble floor or admitting the possession of one on my blog.
But like a dog with its mind forever on some squirrel, the marble tile stain never is too far from mind. Floor, floor, floor.
Though currently rotated with passing thoughts of some sort of glutenous item I can't have.
I have to thaw some chicken today, and we'll boil red potatoes (no gluten there) and,
wait, what's that? A spot on my floor? A giant spot on my floor? And it looms overhead.
3. I wasted 1.5 hours watching a TiVoed movie called The Breed. Stupidest movie ever. The cast didn't seem so bad- Michelle Rodriguez, Oliver Hudson, Hill Harper. They could have done worse. But the movie was just completely awful. First of all, these folk are supposed to seem like frivolous college students, but yet they look like intelligent 30-somethings. Old ass college students. So they fly to this island they inherit from a dead uncle. On the island are they dogs with perpetual rabies. When the folks get bit, they can sense the dogs.
At first, I thought that maybe the people bit would turn rabid and get some special effects. No such luck. The dogs are not so scary. The movie is scary bad. Make note that if you need an office gift for someone you really don't like, buy the DVD and wrap it up. (That's evil of me; go ahead and get them a nice movie. Good Karma will reward you. The little devil in me says the wrong thing sometimes...)
I apologize for being so irritable. I think I need some fresh air.
If this is your first time visiting my blog, go to the list and click on something in 08. I don't think there's too much 'cranky Kat Lee Reader' in 08.
If you are here because you Googled 'Toilet Seat Alarms' (one third of all folk that have stopped by got here by googling toilet seat alarms! true. It's because of a previous blog somewhere)
thanks for stopping in!
And good luck to you with your toilet alarm review search.
I'm happy to have helped you in that way :).
Much love, yours truly~

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