Monday, April 19, 2010

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. --Psalms

I found myself spending a beautiful Sunday afternoon at a kids party for the baby's soccer. Kid parties are usually Food hell, and the putrid smell of hot dogs and cheetos makes me a tad bit ill. Drinks in wee plastic barrels is flavors like Orange, Red, and Blue.
A few of the mom's were discussing how awesome the cupcakes were; it was,
"Oh! These cupcakes are so good!"
"The white cake with that fluffy icing, Yum!" My oldest and I looked at eachother. Should we dare? I mean, we usually don't like cupcakes. (Don't get me wrong, I like the 'idea' of cupcakes; the cute little emblems in pink, sometimes on clothing with glitter or confetti-like sprinkles. Cupcakes are cute. I just am not sure if they're meant to be eaten. Maybe in carrot cake form, but I don't know.)
But we'd eaten this mildly gross burrito we'd purchased from a white van on the side of the soccer field, and were feeling unsatisfied and left with a bad taste that needed a comb over. We decided, yes, we should try these much praised cupcakes.
Dyed neon green and black. And halfway into them, we were sticky, and one woman said, watch your fingers, they stain. And they did. Our fingers, lips and
And last night, in lieu of supper, I decided to just have a nice glass of wine. I felt sick from the random contents of my stomach. I don't recommend buying burritos from a van or black cupcakes, this is my knowledge that I pass on to you today. (Though I do think it's in your best interest to have your mouth all covered in black dye in public, people too often go years without a humbling or 'Dork' moment).
But today Food Karma kept Steven's work delivery from showing up, and he had to drive an hour to pick up supplies...
right near The Curry Pot. :D
Today I'm thankful for fresh mint chutney and a wedge of nan. Dal. Makini.
Getting to steal my sweet man from his too busy job.

I'm thankful for all sorts of things.

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