Monday, April 5, 2010

Every house was burning off nature's rubbish yesterday, including ours, a giant bonfire aglow, crackling long into the night. It's been warm and I glance over at each homes orange yard beacon. Hum. A trip to town would mean 45 minutes there and back. My internal Peanuts Gang sighed at the idea of it. Worse, the waste.
No Marshmallows.
An evening fire is a complete waste sans marshmallowy goodness caught on fire, blackened til in peril of sliding off its stick. I walked the can to the road and back in. Even without the cheap and ordinary treasure I wanted, I was pretty well off.
The sprinkler ran that day and the girls jumped over it while I swatted giant carpenter bees with the badminton racket. You hit em then hit em again once they fall to the ground, to ensure you've finished the job. I watch for the wasps and honeybees intermingled.
'You just want the juicy ones,' the girls tell me. They look like bumblebees; I don't know the difference. There may not be any, I don't know. I'm unafraid of them, the 'juicy ones'...we've read that the females can sting, but won't go after you. The males can't sting but they like to fly at your face like they can. I guess that just makes them easier targets.
The cat was fixed last week, and for the past 6 days, she's worn a cone on her head, or what they call an Elizabethan Collar. She looks sad but takes it well. She occasionally will hop on the bed and proceed to lick the inside of her cone. Lick lick lick. Lick lick. 30 minutes of licking the cone, waking the crab. He becomes even more crabby. Where is he, anyhow? I suppose he's been at work almost 15 hours.
Made some exciting discoveries lately! If you have 5 hours in Chattanooga, go to the end of Lee Hwy and stop at McKay's used books. I LOVE this place, imagine a couple Barnes & Noble's, but used and full of discontinued treasures. While you're out & about, follow it up with a trip to The Curry Pot. $6.99 Indian lunch buffet. Yum. The folks there are nice, the food is great. A recipe for a great afternoon. (Okay, if you've never been to Chattanooga, you'd better get the aquarium out of the way first, the bridge walk, the carousel & Clumpies ice cream. But the next day, hit Lee Hwy).
The crab is home! Much love to you guys, but I'd better go! Please visit again~ I'm happy you stopped in. One day you may find treasure of your own (on the kat lee reader :D).

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