Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday Girl

the baby is counting down to her birthday; she's been counting down since March. How many days are in April? She's made a piece of paper writing all the numbers from about 45 back, then scratching on off per day, until she's gotten here, 3 days left.

What do you want? I ask.

Oh, I don't know, she says. 'Make it random.' (this is her new word, and it finds its way into everything. You want to grab a snack? Yeah. What? Oh, random, she says.)

Hmmm. Maybe a skateboard or a bike. Maybe I'll give her $100 and let her run wild in a toy store.

Ha, unfortunately, She won't be getting one of these:

(although I think it's pretty hilarious in general, they freak me out a wee bit. The new color softens it up. Nice touch, huh? )

Happy Day to you too. hope it's full of sunshine and fluffy clouds and puppies and cupcakes.

with glitter.

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