Friday, April 30, 2010


Let It Be came on the radio this morning on the way home. I was steering with one hand and picking a scab with the other. Ha. My first reaction was, "I love that song!" then, "I wonder if it's talking to me?" I continued to pick for a few more seconds.
but then I Let It Be. :)
but while I was thinking about it, I remembered this weird thing I observed while on a walk with the baby yesterday. We'd passed this giant ant mound, an irresistable sandy treasure for any child, and my wee tot quickly found a stick with which to pounce and poke the thing.
And mentally, while I watched the rapid red furies, I said to myself, 'At least now they have something to do.'
because if some child doesn't destroy their mounded homes or reveal their eggy nest, they're probably bored...right?
Then, the train of thought took me to people I know that consistantly find some sort of drama in their lives. You probably know somebody like that. At least one? dig deep.
At least one standing squirm of ants never content to Let It Be, always destroying their own ant mounds in order to keep the cycle of constant movement going. They require it.
Why? Because they don't want to be left alone with their own thoughts, I guess. sends me my horoscope via email, but only the first line; I'd have to click on the link to get the rest, and I'm too lazy to do that. It may mean trying to remember a password or something, and I don't write most of them down, so that would be a guessing game for me.
but the horoscope header today said,
"Messages are coming to you today in symbolic form and..."
& ultimately, I leave you with them. Scabs. Ant mounds. Let It Be.
yours truly

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