Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crazy morning indeed.
I wanted to weigh myself this morning before I ate breakfast, so I stripped down. Two weeks of not running and eating complete junk, and I weighed less than ever. Nice, because I'd been beating myself up over throwing the Chicken in a Biscuit crackers in the buggy. Seriously, I know better. But I loved them as a kid and forgot what they tasted like, so there I was. I'm going to practice restraint even though they make me lick my fingers from the chickeny buttery salty taste. Not everyone likes the same things. :P
Anyway, I had weighed in, but hadn't eaten breakfast. I eat the same breakfast everyday- Nature's Path pumpkin seed granola with almond milk. If I feel adventurous, I go hemp seed granola. I tell Steven the almond milk is better because is doesn't have all that mucus and it's healthier, but he then reminds me that I eat yogurt, which is dairy, so it cancels it out. Either way, I eat it everyday same time-ish. But I hadn't showered yesterday & I reeked, so I didn't want to get dressed before I showered. I threw my t-shirt on and decided to go pour my cereal. Today I discovered that I cannot eat breakfast without pants on. I am all for airing out, but apparently that's just a little too odd for me. I had to set the bowl down and find some underpants before I could enjoy my breakfast.
Women and their weight, huh?
This is the first year I've been watching the Biggest Loser. I love it, they've really changed some of these folks. Look at Sam- he's downright hot. He may be 20-30 pounds away from having his own calendar. & While we're talking hot- I secretly imagine that Bob & Jillian are getting it on when I watch the show. While I would never buy a celebrity porn dvd, any porn dvd, that one I would buy. Bob, with that lispy kindness but tattooed scruff (please don't comment that Bob is gay. If he is, I don't care. That possibly makes it even better), and Jillian with her crazy aggression- seriously, if you watch the show with a little imagination, you can make it much better ;). I'm so bad. Terrible.
But you never know.
I showered, got dressed, put my shoes on, then went to shake the towel off my head. Looking in the mirror at my wet hair, I didn't remember if I washed my hair or not. Did I? So I deattached the shower cord and washed my hair with my head hanging over the tub. At worst, I washed it twice. I find it's the things I may have just done or heard that I forget the easiest. Ha ha ha!~ My brain is a work of art, but also a work in progress. (Did that come from me? I guess I'm gaining faith in myself these days...)
We went to see How to Train Your Dragon 3-d last night. The movie was way better than the previews let on- too darn cute. And I guess it's fitting as I was mentioning mythical creatures yesterday and my discovery of the first ever unicorn fossil.
I'm starting to feel sad for you if this is your first visit to The Kat Lee Reader. Sad but grateful you're here. Probably an innocent bystander, googling Granola & weight loss.
& you get me instead :). I wish you a bright & shiny day! yours truly

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