Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Okay, so I started noticing everyone had pictures in their blogs, but I had none. (I'm slow to catch on). So here's a photo for your viewing enjoyment. Slinky Corn figure rocking a nasty pose for you.

I'm so ridiculous, there's no point in even attempting anything other than that. I've always known :).
Remember the early 90's when everyone was ranting over Tori Amos? I didn't get it & I don't know that I was even cool enough to fake that I thought cool stuff was cool. Umm,
at that point probably still listening to my mom's Kenny Rogers Gambler album.
(Not that I hate Tori Amos; I did like that weird hand video with the skateboard... although I don't remember the song that went with it. I just don't know much of her. Or perhaps not swayed for or against. Like lawn. I like the lawn but I cannot say I'm for or against lawn.)
I've gotten so accustomed to no one reading my blog that the idea that someone could come along and defend Tori Amos is far reaching.

Is anyone out there? :P


  1. Sorry I can't defend Tori, but I can say I like your blog. Nice meeting you too!
    You must have grown up in the US because your English (if it's your 2nd language) is way better than my French!

  2. Hi! & Thanks! Born in US, raised by my French parent- My French is what my family calls Farmer French! Ouch. :)