Friday, March 13, 2009

The Cyclops Tooth

I am guilty of making up fantasy folklorish things to my children.
Things like, "You were born with a forked tongue, but they evened it out in the hospital. No, no, it wasn't just you, it's pretty common. Personally I like forked tongues with flickery ends, but they cut them on newborns." -The tongue circumcision story.
Where did this begin?

I think it all is pretty customary on holidays to invent folklore, or at least carry on the traditional ones. Then you have 'My Conservative In-Laws do not Trick or Treat, due to the Lord not approving of it, nor did they ever have the visit from Santa.' My husband and I decided to go the opposite direction. If there be Easter Rabbits and Tooth Fairies, what else?

No one was so giddy on President's Day as my husband jumping, joking,
"I wonder what the Dead President's are gonna bring you?"
"Maybe money..."one child giggled.

But it could be that this time I've gone a wee too far. My sweet angel of a 6 year old is missing her top two front teeth. Upon examining her little gums, I made a discovery.
"Shanna! This is going to be something very special!!! You're growing a cyclops tooth!"
(For those of you who do not know, a cyclops tooth is a single tooth that takes the space of two front teeth...yes, i know, i am insane. but let's keep going.)

"It is? Does anyone else have one?"
"I don't know, I think they are really rare! You will probably be very famous with this tooth..."
"I will? But I want to be a green earth scientist."
"Yes, and this will be awesome for your science show! At the end you can smile really big and they can animate it a little to make it sparkle. This is going to be incredible!" So she's running around the house saying, "I'm going to have a cyclops tooth! Woo HOO!"

Yesterday, my mother comes over. I recorded a French movie (Nathalie- thank goodness the girls can't understand it, the language is a bit 'adult'- although Emmanuelle Beart is so gorgeous in the movie, I watch most of it wondering if she's had work done. Good doctor there, for sure.)

"Gram Gram! I'm going to have a new tooth! A cyclops tooth!"
"What?" Shanna tells her of the impending arrival. "That's just a story, Shanna! It's not true! Don't you know..." and my mother is laughing. Shanna's too excited for me to go back now, but the edge of one tooth is nearing its breakthrough, ending the cyclops tooth fable for us. I'm terrible, I know.
And I think this may have to be the last of the fairy tales. maybe.


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