Monday, March 16, 2009

Cockroach Shoes

Okay, I must prefice my blog with the fact the my computer has passed away & I've found myself writing this on my husbands work laptop. I'm mouseless and sorta confused. I debated even coming here, the soft distance keys similar to trying to type the fresh baked top of a cobbler crust. I'm a wee bit out my groove tonite.
None the less, I can't get this thing off my mind.
I found myself at the Ross store looking for $10 Teva's and what nots, and thought I'd browse the men's shoes in case there was something in my hubby's size. Upon the top rack, something I'd never seen the likes of.
White leather sneakers covered in a gold print. A gold cockroach print. Surely not, but then, in a teensy hang tag pocket, a keychain. A giant brown roach keychain. (If I were more savvy, I would google the things and add a link. I may yet). But I can't quit thinking about the shoes, man! Because if there be one pair, there's bound to be another on someones feet.
Where is the documetary on this guy? The fly on the wall camera sitting in the Ross ceiling waiting for the shoes to be sold, then follow them home. I want to see the documentary of the ensemble a person can put together with golden cockroach sneakers. Where do these shoes go; what kind of home do they sit in as the owner sleeps. What eyes see them and had to take them home? Maybe someone who has a great sense of humour. Better yet, someone who has some sort of significant roach story or connection. Maybe a boxer with some sort of,"The cockroach is the last man standing" kind of thing. Not a justification, just the story. Because there's no need for justification in fashion. Justice implies wrong or right.
If a grown man wants to wear his hair in flowing blonde Heidi braids,
or a woman wear the feathered bangs she felt so good wearing in the 70's,
it's no big deal to me. We should all be so brave to be happy.
And cockroach shoe guy, you are brave. I invent in my mind that you're happy too.
And maybe I'm crazy. I don't know. Kind of the neat thing about reading a blog, you get a glimpse into what ordinary people think when they're completely out of anything important to do. Dinners done, dishes as well, and I turned my head sideways to drain my mind of leftover residue from the past few days, and here you've found the drippings from my ears to be Cockroach shoes.
Cockroach Shoes, and I'm sorry! If you come back next again, I'll perhaps be fresher :).
My last hour of the evening, and I'm going to go curl up with Steven and some HBO series...

your kids may not think you're cool, but i do. have a sweet day~ yours truly

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