Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lucky Me! Yearly Gyn. visit today
& doesn't everyone so look forward to these.
Waiting room of extremely clean yet full bladdered women there.
Okay, so if your pregnant, I'll excuse you, since you get those sweet ultrasounds
& you're picking baby names and nursery colors. But I'm not, so lets move on!

Today I discovered that after the age of 35,
you get a bonus whilst your legs be in the stirrups- a rectal exam. Lovely surprise.

(Should I be discussing this?)

What else is new? I bought a bag of Spicy Thai chips again, mainly because I went to the doctor without eating breakfast, and when I left it was lunchtime & I had to buy dog food. So of course, being in the same store I drifted past the organic section and found myself there with them. Also, I discovered they are not selling Newman Own Hermits anymore, which I love.
It's raining, which I also love.
I have to say starting off my blog with Gynos and rectal exams, which I don't care for,
can be made better by thinking of things I do love.
Like Linden tea. (My mother and I used to pick the flowers from the Linden trees in front of the Oak Park Library after it closed, and she'd dry them in the closet and make us tea). It makes me want to plant a Linden now.
Marc Jacobs hair mist.
Vintage Roses. Fresh mangoes. Used bookstores. Pot luck dinners.
And my family, one of which just pulled in the drive with some California rolls :)

Gotta go...More later! Kat

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