Friday, December 6, 2013

I've been a terrible blogger, for sure. 
 I've been gone ages- I didn't even check in when I got snowed in on my 40th birthday and ended up at an In Depth channeling of Arthur Ford that night.  That was freaky- and I didn't share.  So many things I didn't share this year.
And really, i don't have much to share today.  I looked up Nespresso machines today, then made myself some comfort food.  (for me, that was 1/2 cup cooked organic brown rice, completely covered in chili pepper flakes, then doused in fish sauce.  Yum.)
I wanted to see where you guys were coming from so I clicked on the Google stats.   You people are real pervs, yo.  I was so embarrassed on that page, I couldn't even read through to see what link would get you here.  Somebody's sad, and a bit skanky too.
40 makes me old as hell.  I can be crabby out loud though without reservation.  I enjoy throwing in a sprinkling of the word 'Cray' in front of my children, though, to make them feel I'm current and hip.   
"Oh my goodness, I cannot find the gluten free scones mix!  That is so cray."
See how that makes me look trendy?  

So I have mostly replaced you all with Pinterest, as well.  It's an ideal medium, as I can share what seems like my own ideas, without having to explain anything.  I especially like the Home pins, as I would decorate my own place exactly as many of those pins, so it's almost as though it's me decorating.  Look!  This is my imaginary house!  Addictive.  And oddly...influencial.  I have made so many Pin recipes, several are weekly staples now.  And with all those Scandinavian boards, I'm seriously enthralled with white.  White everything with a random light wooden plank thing, then a random gray fabric thing.  Perfect.  You throw a bunny in the corner or a giant window, even better.  My new imagination.  

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