Thursday, December 12, 2013

People are Strange

People are strange.
And sometimes I don't know what I can blog about, and what would be considered intrusive.  I fear sometimes when I write that I'll offend people or that someone will think I'm a terrible person.  Often I let things stir in my mind rather than write it down.  For the people.
Screw that today.  So I have this cray story.  My mother, about to retire, has a mortgage that is higher than what she should pay for the place.  So I tell her, 'Let that place go and rent!  You could get a better house for less, and that would include yard maintenance.'  Wanting to give her examples, I pull up the Facebook page for property rentals, and scroll through.
I notice someone I went to school with on that list, but that person had deleted his facebook, so I clicked on his page, out of curiosity.  Then I noticed that person had no mutual friends.  All the friends were strange foreign friends...then I noticed wedding photos.  So (let's call this person Poo to fill in a name here) So Poo moved to a foreign land and remarried.  Bizarre.  Bizarre because his previous wife was probably the most kind- surely the most gorgeous person in our town.  And they've got kids- lots of kids.
But then my mother saw the wife in the grocery, and asked if she was still married.  So the wife says yes, her husband is in the store.  Even more bizarre.  So a few weeks later I run into her.  She mentions this husband and in my mind I think, 'Are they polygamists?'  Which totally isn't my business if they are; but then, also, if they aren't, Poo is a sad, sad case.  Steven says this isn't my business to say anything, so I made small talk and left.  But I felt bad, because this person is someone that's kind of my friend (but it could be I imagine that she's my friend, like when you are in high school and you have a project with the cool kid and you get to bask in the idea of cool friends) so I felt shitty about that.  But I hope things go as well as they can for her & send her good energy.
But while I'm on that subject, if you are doing something that is perhaps requiring discretion, and instead you maybe put this thing in the open with a few people, you gotta know those people might be uncomfortable with it.  Like that time Clank and Skeezy fed each other okra off their forks and laughed at the big table, and I sat across feeling uncomfortable for Skeezy's wife, waiting out of state for her husband to come back that night.  I guess what I'm saying is that all these Skeezy's and Poo's have a negative effect on the people that are around them and have to compromise their integrity when they want to tell them the what for.
Because at 40, I am losing the ability to withhold my mindspeak.  By 60, I'll be dangerous.  I know now the road to the sharp and sassy tongues of the grandmothers- and I look forward to it, maybe.
Anyhow, I think I'll return to blogging sometimes.  I still haven't told you about the time we went to the thing!  That's coming.  <3 p="">  

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