Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I was going to blog yesterday.  I was going to, because I'd shaved the other leg finally, and I guess I wanted to announce it to the world, or like the solitary follower of this blog.  Whatever, I didn't.
And I had thoughts in my brain that were turning and humming and felt that some sort of New Year's Mystery Energy had moved in to make me a creative person again.
But I didn't blog and the thought went away.  They do that, It's like when you have to shit but you're too busy, then you get up and you don't have to anymore.  Thoughts come and go like shit urges.
Hmm.  So we ate at a little backwoods place Saturday, so far removed from civilization.  We ate there because I was on my eleven year old's Instagram and saw that someone had liked a photo of a beef brisket and tagged that place.  It looked beefy and I'd never had one, so I made it a goal.  One Saturday (because Saturday is the only smoked brisket day) we would go to the backwoods and eat brisket.
So we get there and I spied something on the menu I'd never heard of.
"What is pear salad?" I asked. Really, I envisioned cooked pears, maybe in a hot vinaigrette with some blue cheese crumbles, but that's the Aquarius in me. 
"It's a pear, cut in half, filled with mayonnaise, then topped with a slice of cheese." 

?   gasp.
 I'm not even sure I could watch someone else eat it, then I made it a FB status, and my precious amazing lil Patty commented how good it was.  This is someone in whose judgement I believe in, my smartest friend.  She's the friend that when I sit with her I can bask in the Smart-by-Association glow.  Sometimes I nod my head and pretend to know smart things I don't know to look smart.   I have other valuable friend qualities..I just can't list any just this moment.  I'm still working on Smart.
 There is no way I can even imagine her liking that.  So in that instance, I could watch...because she can ONLY be bluffing.
Pear salad should be like this-


I guess this is why I should blog when the brilliance takes residence.  Otherwise it's shaved legs, shit urges, and pears with mayo.  There really isn't much going on in this head of mine.
Happy New Year, sweet people.

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