Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What are you doing here?  Really?  Even for me, this blog is like walking through dark halls of school past.
I can only imagine how it must be for you. 

I thought I saw a rainbow yesterday morning.  It wasn't a rainbow, just a blushed cheek on a gray cloud.  We could pretend it's a rainbow, I guess, but so many things are vague and mysterious...and so many things could be less so.  So it was a smudgy cloud.  A Gray one.  A younger me would have mused or scrawled poetry on the beauty of an imagination that takes a cloud and creates a rainbow.  The new me hates rainbows.  Shitdamn.
Also, I was thinking about writing a follow up to my Blogpost, 'How to Prepare for Your Cerebral Angiogram' with a 'How to Prepare for Your CT Scan,' but really there's no comparison or preparation involved.  I would say, wear sweatpants or pj bottoms, so you don't have to remove your pants on the table.  Also, when you get that hot feeling in your hands, then it spreads to your genitals, you are not, in fact, wetting your pants.  It just feels like that. 

Have at it.

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