Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town-I'm So Glad (I've Got Skin)

I love this little Noggin video. It's simple & happy. "I'm so glad I got a nose, even though it looks like one of my toes!"

It's cool to be thankful for small things. Like peanut butter.
I am thankful for peanut butter. I eat peanut butter & jelly everyday for lunch, and it's pretty cool.
It might be cooler on those rare days when my husband comes home and whisks me away to the Thai or Indian place for lunch, but even on those days, often I'll eat peanut butter & jelly for dinner.

I'm also thankful for Jimmy Carter, because he grew peanuts...& any occasion that Georgia can turn out a Democrat, AND get him in the White House is a miracle. (Though I believe Ted Kennedy would've made a better President at that time in terms of the status of health reform-it is all about stategy/water under the bridge, etc.) Sometimes, the wrong strategy can make or break a situation; McCain's choosing of Sarah Palin rather than a more moderate candidate like Leiberman gave us the White House this time around, IMO. & I'm thankful for that dumb move. :)

Now, I also believe it was a dumb move for the Kennedys to not jump in and run for office in Mass. when Teddy died, as we could have kept that state blue had they chose that option. Argh.

My head's a wee dopey lately.
I'm seeing another new doctor Friday; for sure I'll be shaving my legs, regardless of it being an Ear Nose & Throat appointment. Any occasion they have to put me in a gown, they may. I guess I'm just too sexy for my own good. Regardless of the doctor's name being Mary Margaret; I'm just too sexy.

Last night we went to an indoor blacklight mini-golf place. We brought a carload of kids, so we didn't keep score, but I do like keeping score in mini-golf. I have an ambitious dream of taking work meetings at the mini-golf, keeping score, all that. Serious mini-golf business meetings.
I may even buy myself a stunning pair of plaid knickers. If someone ever hires me, it'll manifest.

Steven's rented a water cooler, and it's pretty awesome. Instant cold water? Cool! Instant Hot Water? :D! ...We can't drink our tap water-even boiled/filtered, there's some sort of white floaty haze. I don't know.

This week I discovered the difference between chrome & polished nickel. I bought a chrome towel bar but our bathroom lights are polished nickel, so it was a mismatch. I had always previously thought that there was only the one- what I'd called 'the Shiny Silver' I guess. Turns out chrome reflects blue & p.n. reflects amber. Interesting. Or not.

& a big welcome to whoever you are- the Kat Lee Reader has a follower!
That rocks that you'd bookmark my blog, and I did notice. thanks so much :)

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