Friday, December 17, 2010


I'm typing this with one hand on my phone, and with the other I'm stirring rice pudding.

No. Not really. Really I'm having a Crabby day. I'm very crabby, so crabby I fear I'd best not leave the house today. I have the flu. :(
On the bright side, Dr. Mary Margaret will have to wait while I recoup.
On the not so bright side, I can't think straight, nor eat, and have spent days watching movies under a quilt shivering- not comfortably, either...and my TiVo is not working. If we pause a movie, when we unpause, it scrambles. Which means yesterday the girls and I had to watch Serendipity twice, because we paused it an hour in, and then had to catch it again and just let it play til we saw the end with the second one.
And the idea of food has left my mind for the most part, but last night, I decided to try to make rice pudding, because the bland warm goodness might go down. Not even homemade rice pudding, but the stir in milk Jello brand rice pudding. And it didn't go well.
My pudding was filthy with brown slimey ghosts, and I attempted to pick them out one by one, but it was useless. My too hot stove eye tainted my pudding and I was just left with a dirty pan.
And the flu.
But while attempting to clean it up, I did have this moment where I imagined someone having to bring a dish to a holiday work dinner, not liking the coworkers very much, and perhaps sliding in with a straight face and a brown ghost laden rice pudding. I'm bad that way. But it would free you of any further holiday cooking obligation. They'll tell you, "Oh,you just bring the 7up."
I've been wearing the same fleece pants for three days but it may be five. I haven't begun my Christmas shopping. I did have to drag my sick self out to run errands, one of which was taking Naomi to her guitar class. The Music store has a new line of child sized drumsets for the holidays.
"I will be very disappointed if I don't get a drumset for Christmas," the tiny one says. She stares hard and I can't think. There's no money for a mini drumset, so I just shrug. Maybe one of those Sing-a-ma-Jigs.
I'm tired & crabby beyond measure. I'm easing into the idea of a hot shower and how it could steam the sinuses a bit. Clean underwear. Though my other fleece pants are in the dirty clothes, and that reminds me that laundry is piling up, and to take these off I'll have to put on jeans. Ack. It's funny, when I bought a new pair of fleece pants last, I was at Old Navy with my mother. "Those aren't good!" she tells me," You can't sleep in them, too much static!" But they're snuggly and the only time I notice the static is when I have to get up in the night and I see little flashes of light on my legs getting out of bed in the dark. Freaky but so cosy. Practical if you get them without snowmen or reindeer.
I'm off. I hope you're week is Merry and Bright. And definitely not Crabby. >:(

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