Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas :D

i took this picture last Christmas, aboard the back of the Calabaza sailboat, on a trip to a shipwreck off the Bridgetown Bay, Barbados. The boat was making me a wee bit sick, so our little family migrated to the front and laid down near the speakers. Hot and windy, the boat swayed up and down. Bob Marley & Jack Johnson. All the free Rum punch you could drink. (I went Water- something about the swaying of the boat and Rum punch- they must know nobodies gonna drink it. Also, they put pepper in the punch, which seemed odd to me.) We were aboard with another family, and a couple who referred to each other as My Darling with every sentence. They looked in their late forties/early fifties, and it was, My darling, can you get me my lighter, and Yes, my darling, let me get that for you, which seemed funny and odd but then got sorta nice and endearing. It was the sort of thing that Saturday Night Live skits are made of, but it just doesn't sound very funny when I write it down. Over the course of the next several hours, I heard My Darling & variables of it (My Sweet, My Love, My Dearest, etc.) probably over a thousand times. None of them directed at me (though afterward I'm sure we jokingly referred to each other that way).
The other family was on a cruise, and had only a half day in Barbados with their two sons. We found it odd that on the half day stop in Barbados, they got right on a sailboat, then got off just in time to get back to the ship. Barbados has Monkeys, for Christs sake! Real, cat sized tree monkeys with long tails and cute lil monkey faces. And much more. And in conversations, these folks will tell people they've been to Barbados, when they actually never set foot on the actual land space for more than twenty minutes. Our seven days weren't even enough. But apparently they were snorkel hounds, you know how those snorkel folk are. :P
This Christmas I woke up with a dried green mustache from a nasty sinus infection, remnants of what had bubbled out my nose while I slept. Not pleasant. Food has been a bit of an after thought, and everything tastes funny. On a positive note, I lost three pounds. I am only nine pounds from my goal weight. woo hoo. I was typing and let my coffee get cold again.
I think we may be going to an Asian buffet later, i heard something about sushi and all you can eat crab legs, and it really makes no difference to me where we end up. I wonder what those My darling people will be doing, and if they're still going on. If they are, bravo for them. Bravo for love. And bravo for the differences in all people and how what makes us laugh about some people can be smirked at in a good way. You can only laugh so hard at kindness. Then it just tends to rub off on those whose ears are in reach.
I was thinking about how I secretly like when people wear patchouli deodorant, and often I hear people make fun of it. I've been lighting incense this week, trying to regain a sense of smell, but it hasn't really worked.
It's supposed to snow this weekend. Everyone run and buy your milk and bread? When it snows where I live, no one leaves their house. This is because of the rural area and the lack of road equipment. The roads freeze, then people are stuck all along the sides if they attempt to drive. So the stores sell out of milk and bread with any word of snow. Everyone on their own little Christmas Island.
I hope it does snow. And next week is New Years- we usually go to an Imax for New Years. I think the Imax movie this month is on Tahiti. I've been to Tahiti, did i ever tell you about that? Spent a couple weeks riding on mopeds in the south pacific, ages ago. Steven got giardia, lol- we had to phone in antibiotics from the airport.. But it was awesome. I hope one day we'll get back there.
I'm thinking how stove top stuffing would make a great Christmas dinner. Just a giant bowl of Stove Top. And maybe a slice of pumpkin pie. With more Reddiwhip atop it than the actual slice of pie itself. Chemically laden or processed goodness. Mmmm. (I'm serious. It really sounds good).
Merry Christmas, My Darlings. Wherever you are. :)

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