Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I made an egg sandwich for lunch today. A big egg sandwich, and then decided to peel the crust off the edges as though I was again a child. If it truly did make my hair curl, I'd have eaten it,
but it sure don't.
I couldn't finish the thing...I'd gotten too ambitious with the spicy mustard and had to talk myself into eating the first 3/4ers. It needed to be moreso a half mayo/mustard combo. I'll have to make some sort of concoction soon. It'll definitely be called Maytardo. I'll print out a sweet label to make it look 'real.'

The rain is smacking the roof. Dark damp day, today. Dank?
Is dank a word? my mind doesn't remember. I wish I had a cup of coffee.
Not a homebrewed cup but a frothy Starbucks thing. SF Cinnamon Dolce Latte maybe.

Sometimes I wonder if as a generation we are getting more or less crazy.
It's cyclical, the craziness. The things one generation decides to vilify.
So my daughter wanted to take 6 friends to the new Harry Potter movie for her birthday...
Only four of the kids (none related) are not allowed to watch Harry Potter (or anything involving witchery-including Kiki's Delivery Service, a cartoon dvd we have- Naomi wanted to watch with a friend, but she told her it was against her religion).
I can't help but wonder if these same religious parents were banned from watching Bewitched when they were small, and something tells me they weren't. They've climbed the wall crossing from harmless magical entertainment to the point of making everything bound to utter seriousness. Be serious. All the time. About anything that isn't Biblical.
She's thinking we'll see Narnia instead. She's kind and meek, and she wants to make her friends happy, but one day she'll emerge from her cocoon. They don't know the Naomi that said the only thing she wanted for her birthday was rainbow hair- not a strand, but her entire head. They don't know the Naomi that is odd and edgy, and pretty fabulous.
I think one day she'll be a teacher for them.
Happy Decembers Eve!


  1. Hi Kat!
    I look at my naked cucumber and elvis bird paintings every day and wish to myself that I had more of your paintings. Please make more!

  2. Awww-Your too sweet- & it's definitely been awhile since I picked up a paintbrush! I think it's about time too :D. Thanks for the reminder!