Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't get too excited...

Hi!  Hello again :)
I am not too sure where I'll be going with my blog today, but I've found that over the past couple weeks, I've had these 'Aha!' moments, and mentally assured myself I was going to blog about them, only to not remember what they were.  So I figure I just need to start writing and see where it takes me.
I watched this movie Towelhead yesterday while I was folding laundry, and at first it was disturbing, then well, Aaron Eckhart is in it and he's kinda sexy, and then he's...well, it get's even more disturbing.  Yikes.  (So am I recommending the movie or not?  I don't know.  I'm confused with that one.)
Airfare to Sweden is on sale!  $200 round trip!  Which would make it a affordable blast...had I not just watched Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations- Sweden.  I'll have to get the icy cold and the hotdogs wrapped in shrimp salad out of my mind first.  He did no favors for the Swede's. 
There's a house in my town, a house so brightly lit; a house that doesn't close it's blinds, so that not only can you see the thousands of lights outside the home, you see every lamp inside as well, even while driving rather fast.  Oprah says cell phones are dangerous while driving, I say maybe the glowing lighthouse is a distraction as well.  This house would no doubt in my mind show up from outer space.  (If you know me and my town, you may be able to guess the house.)  So why do they do it?  I can imagine that they're alien walk-in's that have a subliminal memory of their home planet, and hope to one day be discovered. 
If they are not wanting to be discovered by aliens, then what???
Then I remember I live in the Bible belt.  That just makes it obvious they want Jesus to know it's never to late to drop in.  Would they be disappointed if Jesus was a Buddhist? 
Or a woman?  Or Mexican?  Because I'm fruity that way, I then think, well, if they offered Jesus a BLT, would he pick out the bacon?  Ah, get over it, I'm just rambling.
My dishwasher had a catastrophe and broke my three favorite mugs.  One was a yellow Klingspor mug.  Some sort of free mug from one of Steven's sanding machine places.  I broke one I'd used for years, and he called the company and they dug one out, but now there are no more.  Another was a Paris Cafe mug, of which my sister has a twin.  I'd go to her house and see her mug on top of her cabinets, and think, 'Why doesn't she use her mug?'  Now you may think I regret using mine, had I stored it away I would still have it...but then it would've been stored away and I'm radically practical, mostly (the Aquarian in me fights the urge to be quirky).  You have to have sentimental reasons for that-
- ex. Paul Newman gave me this mug.  Display it somewhere safe and do not touch it.
- ex. That crazy photo of your great grandmother licking the mug handle?  That's the mug!  Display that one too.
- ex. Cool mug from Tuesday Morning?  Use it.
Because there are other cool mugs.  I recently replaced my mugs with all random mugs I bought off of Ebay.  The unifying factor is that all the new mugs have varying Gnomes on them.  White gnome mugs, yellow gnome mugs.  Gnomes on swings, gnomes with pipes, gnomes standing, smiling in their gnomey red hats.  Happy.  
I had a birthday a couple weeks ago.  Happy Birthday to me! :D. 
We got a new cat.  We've had her a few weeks and still have not come up with a name that sticks.  She's been several random things...Two weeks ago she was Minou, but the feminine version of Minette was voted out, and it was too difficult saying the masculine Minou...honestly, I think Steven just hated the name.  Last week, Shin Setsu.  He loved this one, but if it's harder to spit out than Kitty, it may not stick.
I'm tempted to just call her Enid and get it over with, but when you have a family vote, you can't really do that.  Argh.
I'm reading this really cool book, and hopefully I'll be reviewing it over the weekend.
I guess as I hop off I'll just leave you with good energy & hope you have a great day!

Focus on a lightness of being, because that which you focus on grows. 
You are what you are.  Find it and value it.  If you don't, no one else will.

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