Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I don't want to paint today.

I don't want to paint today.  Not motivated. Probably I'll just get on my stationary bike and pedal while watching Dr. Oz. 
I'm still waiting on my copywrite to come back on Hosseldorf so I start submitting to Literary agencies again.  I may have to get off my ass and look into it.  (I'm not the most motivated there either.  For those of you who are new here, I've been sending off copies of Hosseldorf for almost 8 years, minus the last two.  But sometimes I'm still a believer :)...).
And I don't know why I'm back here again today.  I don't have anything that interesting to say.  Some days you just hit a blank, whether you're writing or painting, or of course when someone asks you a question and you weren't really listening to begin with. 
I must try to be a better listener- I do work at it for sure.  The other day I listened to my mom talk about her cats for what must've been 45 minutes.  Her cat was angry over some sort of displacement or new sleeping arrangement, and she described to me in detail including the sounds the cat made.  She did it with kitty attitude, as well.  It looked at me sideways, and then it said, "Yeoww!!"  Ah, but of course, she did it with a French accent. 
The fact that I can remember my mothers story about her displaced cat may actually prove that I'm a pretty good listener.  (I hope my mother never finds my poor blog, lol.)
But don't quiz me on it.
so I haven't anything interesting for you today, just a block of my inner workings.  You too?
We should probably do something about it. 
I'm a firm believer that hot coffee can release some inner workings, but that's another subject... it's just hard for me to ignore such an obvious lead to potty humour.
I'm fruity that way. :D. 
The other day at the table, we were eating rotisserie chicken.
My little one started yelling, "Show me your bone!"  How can you not giggle at times like this?  You could say it shows my immaturity.  I can say that any opportunity that comes across where you can find that inner goofball and have a laugh should maybe not be missed.
You lose this part, the laughing you, as you get older.  Me too.  So maybe random phrases like Show Me Your Bone! come out of childrens mouths elbowed by little guides from the other side, to give you the chance to find a moment.  Because it only is a moment. 
So, Woody Harrelson has this documentary on the Terror's of Milk.  He has incredible points, and the mention of blood and pus in milk that has to be pasteurized and the cows are so ill does make me queasy.  He and his family are this dope smoking, ultra-vegan health folk (I'm not saying this in a negative way, it just factual.  Ask him yourself!)
So he's riding his bike and he's explaining health things you can eat and drink, and he's got all these kids, but that bad bad voice in my mind says,
       "Wouldn't you like to babysit those kids for a day?  And would you take them to sonic and feed them chili cheese dogs and Cream Pie Shakes?" 
It's Tom & Jerry and the lil angel tom & lil devil tom and not me at all.  There is obviously a cartoon cat on my shoulder. 
Today I'm praying for the Democrats in Massachusetts.  Please let them remain victorious, and I'm sure they have at least one angel watching out for them.  His name is Kennedy.
~have a sweet day~


  1. Yay you're back! I like the new paintings. I'm curious to see what the "4 foot tall banana" looks like. You got anything else lying around I should know about...?

  2. No- Yay, you're back! :)
    Glad you stopped in!