Sunday, January 17, 2010

Didn't think I'd resurface, did ya?

Hello all!
Hope everything's been going well! I know I'm a bad bad bad blogger. Bad. I've been away for far too long. What have I been up to all this time?
Well, I went to Barbados (I plan to write a detailed report as soon as I get it all mapped out in my head. ?)
I'm painting a 4 ft tall banana! :D
Sometimes you get this little voice in your head that says to do something, and I went with it. It's surprising how painting so much yellow can really perk you up. Due to the size, I may look to cheap galleries that may take my oddities on.
It's been quite the tundra here. Cold. I don't like the cold, so I find myself frequently drifting off to the land of cheap and free flowing rum punch. (Mentally, not literally. Literally I'm more of a coconut water kind of girl, but 'when in Bridgetown, you do as the Bajans do' and they have mastered the rum punch, baby!)
I've grown some bangs, which makes me very happy.
I've had a sore throat since I've been back to the US, and done the unthinkable- I Google it. Apparently I have a wicked case of either tetanus (cross your fingers I live through it) the teen whoreish mono (I'm an angel! Could my sweet man have visited an Asian spa? Yikes.) or tonsillitis. I have to repeat this once again, as I've said it before & I still agree with it-
However, if you came across this blog by googling Brain Aneurysm, keep reading. Whatever insight I've got from that has been hard to come by, and the number one thing is that fear of an unknown something is the worst part. Once that something has come and gone, you are uphill from long as you think 'uphill.' Be happy.
I'll be back soon with a few pages on What Where to do things with kids in Barbados (including a lovely opinion on whether or not to travel with laxatives & what kind. Ha. No, seriously.)
much love, Kat

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