Monday, January 18, 2010

Aol thinks i need a flat iron but...

Get Sleek hair with a new flat iron!
So you can have smooth sleek hair! 
but what if I want hair that's tangly and wild and I just don't care about being so sleek?  What if I want to not brush my hair for three days?  And incidentally, on those three days, perhaps I want to wear the same jeans everyday?  The ones that have been cut but not mended on the bottoms but are cosy and if I don't get paint on them or salsa they look relatively clean?
But you always get salsa on them.

Oh snap.  well let's say I don't eat mexican food for a week?
let's not.  Change your jeans.  brush your hair.  You have daughters, do you want them to have hair like cotton candy?


so sometimes there's a constant battle between me and a self defeating prophecy;
It's like a song with meaning that is so uncomplicated everyone already knows it.
It's the burned in our head,'If you can't say anything good, say nothing at all.'
Fear can drive you and put that phrase into being with actions replacing the words part.
It's Alfred E. Newman saying 'Why Bother?' but then you know
it's good that he bothered, because you remember his smiley face.
Albeit kooky or dorky he was smiling
& you remember it. 
Let's make a deal today, you don't say 'Why bother?'
& I'll try not too either. :)  

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