Friday, February 19, 2010

Random passing thoughts...

I drove past a guy driving a truck yesterday morning who looked like a young Fidel Castro.  No, make that a middle age-ish Castro.  He was wearing a hat.   It was a Castro-ish hat. :P
I was listening to Sean Paul while running today, and wondered if everybody thought Sean Paul was cool of if this was one of those weird guilty pleasures. 
I saw on Dr. Oz that you have to eat 8 meals in order to poop one.  He had a demonstration of a clear pipe that was supposed to be a colon, and they were stuffing it with spaghetti and hot dogs.  Well, then I talked to my husband about it and he brought up a good point.
If that's true, Dr. Oz, then why is it you can eat corn and see it again the next day?

The new cat has gone through another several names. I don't remember what she was the last time I was here? Minou/Shin Setsu, I think. Since then we've tried Noodles (didn't take) Iris (i liked, but me alone) People were agreeable enough on Heidi, but I had last minute doubts.

I think today I'll call her Poi.
Poi for today

I just realized I only have twelve minutes to shower before I have to leave...

maybe i'll see you tomorrow :). 

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