Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sometimes I'll hear a snippet of something in my voice that will remind me of my grandmother, Marie, and sometimes Steven's grandmother, Margaret.  My mother, she's got this too...
It's the hard edged sound of life going too fast, I believe, and then with women they finally look back and realized they were just aiding others in the living of other lives, but not really living fully in their own.  Sharp and bitter, they failed to pay attention.
Stop for a few minutes & remember that you are the main character.

Every woman wants to be an old woman one day.  Okay, it's either that or die young, given the options, every woman wants to be an old woman one day.  Take it easy.
Let your life warm by the sun; be a rock basking iguana stretching a moment into YOUR moment.  (I can hear you saying you don't have a moment, this is the problem...they are ALL your moments. Don't you remember?)
Or be a microwave burrito, nuked too long, hard and crispy on the ends, til you've spent your life spinning in circles cooking so bitter that no one wants to eat you anymore.
Which one are you?

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