Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It is a good rule to face difficulties at the time they arise and not allow them to increase unacknowledged.
Edward W. Ziegler

One's objective should be to get it right, get it quick, get it out, and get it over.
You see, your problem won't improve with age.
Warren Buffett
i was thinking perhaps my aneurysm was insignificant enough that perhaps it could
remain in its spot, unperturbed...These were today's quote's of the day in my email box. ?.
I'm hanging in there! :)


  1. Hello Kat,
    I sometimes switch over from the Peter Beales Rose Forum to your blog and enjoy reading your posts. Read about your aneurysm today. Didn't enjoy it at all. Hope you get well again soon.

    Just to tell you I'll be thinking of you, will keep my fingers crossed for you and will keep you in my prayers.

    All the best to you.

  2. Thanks for stopping in, Hannes. I love that you do that & I love the PB Rose forum. If there be a such thing a garden nerd, I'm happy to be one.
    My plants and i are having a rough time this summer. (Incantation died. Argh.) I'll be okay.

    Thanks so much :). Kat